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Thread: The Question of Reincarnation — an 11:11 Progress Group Message from Chris Maurus

  1. #1 The Question of Reincarnation — an 11:11 Progress Group Message from Chris Maurus 
    "Hello my dear brother, it is Helena and I am with you to continue and to expound on the subject of Soul Fragmentation that was introduced to you in my last message. In this time of correction it is permitted that we may exact some of the misunderstood concepts of soul mechanics and address the common misconceptions of reincarnation — something that I had been a firm believer and promoter of in my life on earth. I was not so wrong in my philosophies on Karmic law, for every thought and action creates a ripple in the pond of the Oversoul that must, at some point, come back to itself and find equilibrium — that is and shall ever be a universal truth, and the theory of reincarnation fit well within the framework of this Karmic law. However, what I failed to see was this bigger picture with ever greater possibilities for the individual soul — the ‘personified’ vehicle of the Thought Adjuster, to attain progressive experience in the universes of time and space thus contributing to the Great Plan and to the emergence of the Supreme.

    “Reincarnation solved the problem of bringing equity to the soul-vehicle through many lives lived — the soul vehicle putting on a new skin and experiencing the law of cause and effect over many incarnations — the antidote for the inequalities of past lives to move toward an equilibrium or universal justice. It was a very tidy bundle of philosophy, but it could not answer the more complex questions of what I now see and understand from the point of view in eternity — my current and progressive soul-life on the mansion worlds and the ‘evergrowth’ of the individual aspect (Helena) of the One Soul (Creator)."

    The Question of Reincarnation — an 11:11 Progress Group Message from Chris Maurus

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    I was fascinated upon rereading the message on reincarnation that H.P. Blavatsky said she had begun her discussion of soul fragmentation in an earlier post so I just went over to Chris' web site and found that the message I had posted by was the second of three Chris has recieved recently from HPB.

    The first was...

    “Now, I have created a controversy!” recieved on May 13”.html

    The third was...

    "Soul Fragmentation Prerequisites" recieved on June 3

    Collectively they gave me a feel for the concept of Soul Fragmentation. I believe it is a term to describe the individuation of personalities by the Creator during His-Her-It's process of creative expansion to develop some of the vast resevoir of potentials of infinite perfection.

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    Yay! There's another in this series on Soul Fragmentation. I find this series enlightening!

    Soul Fragmentation Prerequisites – Part 2

    “The Age of Correction shall give way to the Age of Progress and this information is part of a bridge of information for even greater revelations to come. Understanding the concept of the TA is paramount to understanding soul mechanics and the ascension path — the progressive path of the soul. The theory of reincarnation is the result of taking bits and pieces of perceived truth from individuals that did not have the whole picture, and this includes your modern day investigations by psychiatrists, psychologists — men and women of science, recording the testimony of patients under hypnosis and drawing conclusions based on the perceived evidence."

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