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    “Pray that the governments may truly govern for the highest good of all peoples, whose servants they are. Pray for the courts of law that true justice may be rendered in wisdom, and that honesty may prevail.

    “Pray for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised. Pray that people everywhere shall awaken to their true purpose in life.

    “My beloved, the list is endless, as right now the needs of this planet outstrip the sincerity of its inhabitants.

    “Pray together, for all this could be turned around if more sincerity will abound on this precious world."

    The key to any religion, nay any Spiritual practice, may be found in Sincerity. Even those who do not yet believe in God, may be more in tune to the vibration of the One, when following their internal compass with Sincerity.
    And, in our pursuit to increase this capacity for Sincerity- in prayer and loving action, can we alleviate Suffering; so like a wildfire Awareness will Spread throughout this world- for that which has become most precious-
    Love. May we remember its Splendor for each other and our Mother Earth. In Service, In Gratitude, For Peace and Joy- Sincerity is the Key.
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    Hi Eric!

    In reading your thoughts it occured to me Sincerity is a key because that quality is a heart-based reflection of the eternal steadfast nature of the creator's Love.


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