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Thread: The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred — by Leo Babauta

  1. #1 The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred — by Leo Babauta 
    "When we wake up in the morning, many of us automatically go on our phones or computers and start reading, checking messages, responding to things, and moving through our online world on autopilot.

    We go through our day like this as well, managing as best we can, dealing with stress and being overwhelmed, moving through the physical world forgetting to be mindful.

    For the most part, everything is normal. We’re managing. On good days, things go pretty well. On bad days, frustration and stress get to us.

    But what if we could shift everything in a magical way?

    What would happen if we changed the way we saw every single thing around us, including other people, including ourselves, including every little thing we see?

    Try this: view every single thing you see as sacred."

    The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred
    — by Leo Babauta

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    Couldn't agree more. It isn't always easy, especially in today's age. Don't be upset with yourself for not being able to live this reality every day... While these energies are readily available to us, it isn't always easy to tap into... This has become my understanding. Continue on in Faith, practice devotion to move forward with this experience. It will become a lifestyle not just a feel good idea. Will power is the ultimate authority. You are not your thoughts. You have the right to choose.

    God Bless!
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