Forgiveness Begins Within

Just as peace begins within, so does forgiveness need to find
Deep acceptance of yourself; your ability to be kind.
Feeling bad about consequences for some of your choices
Lead to emotions of guilt or shame when listening to those voices.
In each moment we make our choices, often based on our need
Which, of course, could be the result of what others didn’t feed
As our hungry spirits developed, seeking love that was real.
Yet we couldn’t depend on others. That was the tricky deal!
While searching for it within yourself, others may be left out
And when you could not nurture them, it brought up feelings of doubt.
Yet how can someone give to another something they don’t hold?
Sometimes those moments come along when you must be brave and bold
You must trust in your decisions and what you might have to do
Forgive yourself for what you have’s what has made you you!