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Thread: Listen for Cosmic Whispers — by Guru Singh

  1. #1 Listen for Cosmic Whispers — by Guru Singh 
    "There are deep sacred whispers of universal wisdom that go unheard by all who dedicate their beliefs to the limits of this three dimensional world . . . this includes most everyone on Earth at this moment. These whispers are filled with solutions and directions, and the current ignorance is producing the chaos, conflict and depletion we are currently facing. The human being is equipped to comprehend these whispers, but the capacity must be entrained.

    Even with frequent adventures through the fourth dimension of time — using the brain’s memory, and possibly the natural intuition — rarely are these faint sacred messages understood, or even noticed.

    However, when you consistently practice and deepen your meditative skills, the brain-mind connection develops higher sensitivities that begin to expose the faint edges of these cosmic whispers."

    Listen for Cosmic Whispers — by Guru Singh

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