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    Derived from today's 'bowl of saki'

    "One may ask, what should one study? There are two kinds of studies. One kind is by reading the teachings of the great thinkers and keeping them in mind, the study of metaphysics, psychology, and mysticism. And the other kind of study is the study of life. Every day one has an opportunity for studying; but it should be a correct study. When a person travels in a tramcar, in the train, with a newspaper in his hand, he wants to read the sensational news which is worth nothing. He should read human nature which is before him, people coming and going. If he would continue to do this, he would begin to read human beings as though they were letters written by the divine pen, which speak of their past and future. He should look deeply at the heavens and at nature and at all the things to be seen in everyday life, and reflect upon them with the desire to understand. This kind of study is much superior, incomparably superior, to the study of books."

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    I agree with the two types of discovery but am disinclined to place such a powerful value judgement as 'incomparably superior' on life experience studies. Here's why. In my own experience I was completely closed to spiritual realities... the result of the circumstances of my life. My emtional center was frozen with fears and the defenses they created. However I had an active and inquisitive mind.

    When I began to realize that state of affairs I dove into the ideas of spiritual realities, reading and studying relentlessly from almost any source that claimed wisdom. At the time that was my life experience and it was extremely valuable. Now, fifty years later I can barely remember the authors or their words of wisdom. Continued life experience has rendered them moot. However they were the early rungs of my 'ascension ladder' and I can say they were no less important than my later more personal realizations for they formed the syntax with which spirit speaks to me.

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    Beautiful Welles!

    I'd like to add an inspiring quote,

    “Nothing can be achieved without knowledge and yet everything can be achieved just through a pure heart.” — Haidakhan Babaji

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyrain View Post
    “Nothing can be achieved without knowledge and yet everything can be achieved just through a pure heart.” — Haidakhan Babaji

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