"As my two oldest children have started to enter their teen years, we’ve begun giving them more and more responsibilities and more and more freedoms. We’ve also been having lots of conversations about what the future might hold for them. Will they go to college? What might they study? What are they interested in? What do they think they’re good at?

One big issue that’s come up is what exactly the purpose of education after high school is. I don’t want college to be merely something they “do” after high school, but instead it should be something attacked with purpose, and if they don’t have a clear purpose for it, why go?

This led into a conversation of what the purpose of going to college is. My answer? It’s either to get an education or to get job training, depending on what you study. To me, those are distinct things that are both fulfilled by colleges today.

So, what’s the difference between education and job training? I see them in two distinct lights, with neither one being bad."

This is an excellent, thoughtful perspective from Trent.

Education Versus Job Training and Preparing Your Children — by Trent Hamm