"Just when I feel like I’m at the end of my ropes in terms of trying to keep my life together and getting clarity with my direction, the universe sends me this cute little message on a bracelet this morning. I read it, laughed and said, I would love to trust your plan BUT can you please share a bit of the details with me first?

Its funny how many times I’ve tried to figure things out and tried to control everything in my life for a sense of ‘false’ security. I often think to myself, if only I figure this piece out then everything will be set and I can finally start to live my life.

I was recently listening to one of Adyashanti’s talks and he says that if you are in the illusion that everything rides on this one decision and you need to figure it out before you can relax, it won’t happen. Often times, it’s when you relax and let go, then the answer will reveal itself."

I Have a Plan. Do You Trust Me? – The Universe — by Michelle Wong