"I get emails all the time from people who are struggling with very common difficulties:

  • Wanting to overcome anger
  • Wanting to deal more calmly with stress
  • Hurt by other people’s inconsiderate actions
  • Getting stuck in resentment and thinking about how others have wronged you
  • Struggling with change because it’s hard
  • Struggling with letting go of clutter because of various emotional attachments
  • Finding all kinds of obstacles to taking on a project, side hustle, new business, writing a book/blog, etc.

And I completely understand these difficulties, because I struggle with them too. Here’s the thing — there are just two things stopping us from being present or taking the action we want to take:

1. The stories we have in our heads about other people, what’s happening, and ourselves

2. Our habitual pattern of staying in those stories instead of being present or taking action

It’s really one thing: our mental habit of staying stuck in the stories in our heads."

You might wonder why I put an article apparently about our minds in Links for the Emotions? It is simple. Those stories are actually reactions to patterns held in the emotions. It is an emotional issue first. The head is just reacting.

The Stories That Stop Us From Being Present & Taking Action — by Leo Babauta