Leslie writes a great article on the value of practice. I know what she is saying but every time I read her use the world practice I insert 'do'. I'm not a fan of practicing. I'm a fan of doing. There's a difference in focus. To me practice implies embracing failure. Doing implies striving for perfection. It's a subtle difference, but important. Of course you'll only achieve relative perfection in eternity. In spite of my quibble her point of view is extremely valuable.

It’s simple, really. But simple isn’t easy.

Confusion, uncertainty, and pain are inevitable in life. They’re also an inherent part of practice. Practice means holding on to the hope of progress without attachment to exactly how or when it’s going to work. It’s trying your best even when you’re not performing at your best. And then doing it again and again and again.

But that’s exactly how it works.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. There’s no such thing.

Practice makes progress and fluency.

Practice makes habit.

Practice makes experience.

Practice makes growth.

If you want to learn something new, practice. If you want to create something meaningful, practice. And if you want to live with more peace, practice.
Seeking Inner Peace? Know This. (It’s Not Glamorous, But It Works.) — by Leslie Ralph