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Thread: Reality-based reality — by Seth Godin

  1. #1 Reality-based reality — by Seth Godin 
    Reality-based reality

    It’s ever easier to weave our own reality, to find a bubble and to reinforce what we believe with what we hear. We can invent our own rules, create our own theories, fabricate our own ‘facts’.

    It turns out, though, that when your reality is based on actual reality, it’s a lot more stable and resilient, because you don’t have to be so vigilant about what you’re going to filter out.

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    I overheard on the TV something like,
    "Just because, sometimes, we understand our reality- doesn't mean we Understand."
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    Great line, Eric. I'm reminded of one of my favorite definitions of 'reality' by the SF author Philip K. Dick who said, "Reality is that which, when we cease to believe in it, doesn't go away."

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