I thought this was a marvelous perspective. It made my morning.

DNA, yes it is your blueprint. It is more than your eye color or height, but also a supreme quality we all possess. Divinity Naturally Awakened. A deep knowing that you (we) all are Divine. This ‘knowing’ unfolds in spontaneous and serendipitous ways as each of us walk this bejeweled planet. The ‘how’ is unique to each of us. The ‘why’ is simple, so we can express joy and unconditional love. The truth is this: striving to make a higher connection for your highest good triggers new synapsis’s in the brain and creates new pathways. Striving does this! The overall frequency of what is “you” is raised, beyond your conscious awareness.

Keep this important principle in mind. Faith preceding action equals results. Connecting the sacred (your set apart life) with science (something real that can be measured) with a formula works. It is the nuts and bolts of how we operate on this planet we call Earth. Find your formula and then work it. The results are an awakened state of being. Unconditional love is the byproduct: first for yourself, then for others.
DNA – Divinity Naturally Awakened — by Julia Parsell