I've posted a couple of Heather's articles on 'holding space' here...

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What It Means to “Hold Space” for People – Plus Eight Tips On How To Do It Well


She has really focused on opening the heart and the function we can perform for each other of 'holding space.' This new article discusses the opposite. She is brilliant!

The opposite of holding space is emotional colonization.

Wikipedia describes colonization as “an ongoing process by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components (people).” Colonization involves overpowering, dominating, and taking away the autonomy and sovereignty of other people. Normally we think of colonization as the controlling and exploiting of physical resources (land, bodies, natural resources, etc.). When I worked in international non-profit several years ago, I also witnessed the emergence of the term intellectual colonization, which is what happens when those in power control and exploit intellectual resources.

Emotional colonization is the act of controlling and exploiting someone’s emotional resources.

While holding space involves supporting without judging, fixing, or controlling the outcome, emotional colonization involves manipulating, disempowering, and judging.

When we hold space, we liberate. When we emotionally colonize, we violate. When we hold space, we leave the person feeling supported and empowered. When we emotionally colonize, we leave the person disenfranchised and weakened.
What’s the opposite of holding space? Emotional colonization. — by Heather Plett