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Thread: Iíve Had A Theory About Aliens For Years, And Iím Watching It All Come True

  1. #1 Iíve Had A Theory About Aliens For Years, And Iím Watching It All Come True 
    Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution has been promoting a change in consciousness for quite a while now. His recent podcasts and articles have impressed me mightily. He is approaching the changes in our world with an evolved point of view that I find both illuminating and refreshing. Here's his take on 'aliens'.

    My ‘Theory’ Of What I See Happening

    “The biggest reason, hands down, for the secrecy and coverup of extraterrestrials is consciousness, not energy.” – Joe Martino

    The way I explain what is happening with the ET reality is simple. Imagine you were in Europe before you had knowledge of North America. You lived life a certain way, spoke a certain language, didn’t know what else was out there and probably had specific beliefs. One day, while on a long trip across the ocean, you come across a new landmass. You and your crew venture onto this land and eventually come across people living on this land. They speak a different language, wear different clothes, have different ideas about building, living, treating one another and so forth. Suddenly what you knew in your conscious mind can now begin to expand based on meeting people you never knew existed. A shift in the way you see your world and reality would begin to change.

    I guess I may not call it a theory per se, more of a knowing deep down within myself about why humans have had a fast growing interest in discovering aliens. It’s a message I’ve shared with many people and will continue to share, and I’m going to lay it out in this piece too.

    This is called a shift in consciousness.

    This, is the EXACT same thing happening to humanity now but in a slightly different way. Let me explain. This breaks down into two pieces, our current understanding of one another and the shift.
    Read on or listen to the embedded video presentation.

    I’ve Had A Theory About Aliens For Years, And I’m Watching It All Come True — by Joe Martino

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    I like the woman who says we're all animals and wants to be the first woman in space. =) Attractive and intelligent!
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