A great difficulty of living with, by and for Love is that it isn't rational. That means faith is essential. Faith needs to be built on a foundation of experience or fear will try to convince you that it is a delusion. For Love to work here on earth there needs to be a circuit among human beings. The potential to do that exists among us. It requires leaving our fears behind.

Theoretics Institute is a dream. How does one build a world Love? It begins within each individual heart. Millions are already participating in creating that world. I've chosen to immerse myself in that sea of change and share their expressions of beauty, truth and goodness as well as offering some of my own lessons in a forum and blog package. I'd love it if you would to add to this effort. Registration is required to participate but anyone may peruse the forums.

There are other projects in the works. Web sites created for those will be linked here on the home page. The first is The Next Testament. It will be a collection of stories about events that were of spiritual significance to the individual authors. Love Is the Answer (cards) is a project on the Theoretics Forums that offers the files for printing business sized cards which have some simple graphically embellished thought such as "Mindfulness Now". On the back side of each card is simply "Love Is The Answer". The Nobull Peace Prize is my way of giving a small bit of recognition and my thanks to people whose work I find inspirational. The Liberty Party is the embrace of liberty to be foundation of a world created with Love. The Launch Pad began with the physical creation of a sculptural bed and extended into the transition types of our departure from this planet in time and space. The Thayer Little Free Library is a little artistic gift for my neighbors. The King of Hearts is a sculpture intended to support the world shift from fear to Love. I have no idea what will come next.

heart Welles B Goodrich