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  1. The Mountain (on Vimeo)
  2. The Truth (Vertigo)
  3. The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)
  4. Channeled Grace
  5. Stethoscope
  6. Orchid Grey: Some words about love to pass along
  7. Emily Dickinson on hope
  8. Inspirational Quote of the Day - It Made My Day
  9. PdF 2011 | Jim Gilliam: The Internet is My Religion - YouTube
  10. The Simple Dollar » Realize That You’re Not Alone on This Journey
  11. Alfred Hitchcock's Definition of Happiness
  12. Love Not War
  13. What is your wish?
  14. Inspiring Images
  15. Bronnie Ware - Regrets Of The Dying
  16. Adrift
  17. Miserable & Magical: A Graduation Speech for Paradoxical Times by Nipun Mehta
  18. DailyGood - News That Inspires
  19. Here's The Science of Happiness - An Experiment in Gratitude
  20. What the World Needs More Of - Man On The Street
  21. Gavin Pretor-Pinney: Cloudy with a chance of joy
  22. Rethinking the Bucket List: Kathleen Taylor
  23. Image
  24. Daniel Goleman on Why We Aren't All Good Samaritans
  25. The Friends You Can Count On
  26. Encounters at the exit ramp
  27. Be Love Now — Ram Dass
  28. A Spiritual Exercise
  29. Seven Billion Others.org
  30. Simple Acts of Gratitude
  31. Finding Frugality in the Palm of Your Hand
  32. The Burrito Boys
  33. Six Habits of Highly Empathic People
  34. Kindness: The First Gift
  35. 5 Reasons To Be Kind
  36. You MUST watch this video....
  37. Be Love by Jennifer Pastiloff
  38. No Greater Joy — Steve McCurry's Blog
  39. 10 things you might not know about love
  40. The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’
  41. Impact: Bill Gates & Mother Teresa
  42. Soul Mates
  43. The World Needs More Love Letters
  44. The Human Voice Sits Between the Heart and the Head — Guru Singh
  45. Being Kind: The Music Video That Circled The World
  46. Gratitude HD - Moving Art™ by Louie Schwartzberg
  47. My Shakespearean Revolution: A Rebellion of the Heart — Samantha Sutton
  48. “Love 2.0:” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson
  49. Practical goodness is trendy
  50. Give a Little Love — A video
  51. How to Make Giving Feel Good
  52. A Great Flash Mob
  53. An Open Letter to God by Chris Assaad
  54. Interview: Slobodan Dan Paich
  55. The Smiley Rocks Get Famous
  56. Designing for Generosity by Nipun Mehta
  57. 365 Grateful
  58. Finding Love
  59. Pablo Neruda's Greatest Lesson from Childhood
  60. Brenι Brown: The power of vulnerability
  61. Awe is an opening of the heart
  62. Humanity = Brotherhood and Sisterhood
  63. Paths Are Made By Walking by Nipun Mehta
  64. Every Moment Is an Opportunity to Love and Feel Loved by Robin Lee
  65. A Conversation with Grace Dammann : Before and After
  66. Family*Table
  67. God disguised as a homeless man in Union Square
  68. Faliure
  69. KindSpring's top 10 stories of 2013
  70. Aliveness and Harmony — by Christopher Alexander
  71. How to Turn Your Brain from Anger to Compassion
  72. Laura Lavigne: Clear Skies And A Chance Of Joy
  73. Be Vocal In Times Of Beauty — by singlestep
  74. Giftivism: Reclaiming the Priceless — Pavithra Mehta
  75. Deep Inquiry: Not for the Faint of Heart — by Gangaji
  76. A Forgiveness Thread
  77. Are You Living Your Truth? — by Jovanka Ciares
  78. The Currency Of Kindness — by Soren Dreier
  79. Topic: Listening
  80. The Science of Positive Manifestation — Michelle Walling, CHLC
  81. In Connecting... — a poem by Summer Nicklasson
  82. Starting With Love — by Ida Lawrence
  83. Three Lessons From My Kindness Challenge — by Thao Phi
  84. The Four Things That Matter Most — by Ira Byock
  85. How To Find True Love on Valentine’s Day — by Alyssa Nobriga
  86. Valentines and a Rose for Emily — by Julian Walsh
  87. Removing the Veil — by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  88. The Tao of Love and Relationships — by David James Lees
  89. 21 Traits of an Awakening Soul — by Christina Sarich
  90. On the To-Do List: Watch for Moments of Transcendence — by Gretchen Rubin
  91. Kicking Stones – Clearing the Pathway for Others — Zen Gardner
  92. The Dalai Lama: Why I Laugh
  93. The Ancient Greeks' 6 Words for Love (And Why Knowing Them Can Change Your Life)
  94. Transforming emotions to love... — Unknown author
  95. To Be On A Spiritual Path — by Jan Phillips
  96. The Heart and Knowing Mind of Divine Awareness in the Body — by Peter Borys, Jr.
  97. I Dare You to Share the Love — Hayley Hobson
  98. Are You Overriding Your Soul With “Should?” — Dr. Lissa Rankin
  99. The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness — By Jack Kornfield
  100. Soul-Based Relationships vs. Ego-Based Relationships — by Christine Gutierrez
  101. This Teacher Asked Her Students to Write to an Author. Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Back*This
  102. We’re All Complete Little Bits of God — by Ida Lawrence
  103. 5 Signs You're In A Highly Sacred Relationship
  104. 7 Stories To Make You Believe In Miracles — Dr. Lissa Rankin
  105. When We Are PRESENT, We Are the Gift to Others — by John Livesay
  106. The Duck Lady of Vancouver
  107. Love Without Expectation — by Christina Sarich
  108. The Steps to Surrender — by Terri Cole
  109. Only Service Heals — by Rachel Naomi Remen
  110. Pamela Sukhum: Transformative Art: Practicing Devotion — by Anne Veh
  111. Sprouting Seeds of Compassion — by Marc Ian Barasch
  112. The Empathy Library — by Roman Krznaric
  113. Nothing Else Matters — by Scott Morrison
  114. The Universe And Humility – Carl Sagan
  115. Self and Eternity — Ida Lawrence
  116. On Making It Through Tough Journeys — by Leo Babauta
  117. Al the same — by Seth Godin
  118. 19 Lessons Learned From a Friend — by lisa1223
  119. The Lonesome Road — by Ida Lawrence
  120. The Question of Being — by Adyashanti
  121. Make Peace with Everything — by Guru Singh
  122. The Importance of Kindness — a short video
  123. Why Patience Is So Dang Important — by Nate Bagley
  124. Get Rich (quick) — by Seth Godin
  125. Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ...
  126. Why We Forgive — by Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu
  127. I Am Not My Body, My Mind or My Emotions — by Linda George
  128. Sit Until the World Becomes Still — by Brandon West
  129. Say What You Want 101 — by Laurie Gerber
  130. Distant Echoes Closing In — by Ida Lawrence
  131. What Judgements Have You Picked Up Lately? — by Jenny + Josh Solar
  132. heart advice: when love is without action. — by Tanya Lee Markul
  133. Grace Hearth - A Community Movement Through Soul-warming Food
  134. Raising Your Vibration Through The Universal Law of Soul Evolution — Gregg Prescott
  135. What to Remember When Waking — David Whyte
  136. How To Find Happiness Through Creativity — by Amita Patel
  137. We're Coming Home — by Ida Lawrence
  138. Freely vs. Free — by Thuy Nguyen
  139. An Invitation: Practicing Wonder — by Dawna Markova
  140. Narayanan Krishnan - A Companion to the Forgotten
  141. Finding Peace Within: Return to Center — by Brandon West
  142. A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted --by John O'Donohue (a poem)
  143. Out There — by Guru Singh
  144. Give Gave Given — by Jeff Bickford
  145. Discovering the Desires of your Heart — by Brandon West
  146. Empty Hands, Full Heart: Music For The Soul — by Audrey Lin
  147. Jim Carrey — Commencement Address at Maharishi University
  148. Stay With The Breath — by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
  149. What Happens When You Give Away 50 Million Dollars and Move Into a Trailer Park?
  150. Joyce Carol Oates on Wonder, Consciousness, and the Art of Beholding Beauty
  151. Inside Looking In – The Beauty of Solitude — by Adam Lanka
  152. The Power of Intention — by Brandon West
  153. The Fourth Wall of Empathy — by John Gerzema
  154. No thanks, Mr Manifestation Guru. I’m NOT the creator of my universe — Annika Martins
  155. 25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening — by Josh Richardson
  156. Meditations on an Apple — Janet Brown
  157. Unlocking the Intuitive Intelligence of the Human Heart — by Waking Times
  158. All In On Love — A commencement speech by John Legend
  159. In Giving, True Abundance We Recieve — --by penviro
  160. 25 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Buddha — Luminita Saviuc
  161. 10 Ways to Shift Your Consciousness — by Paul Lenda
  162. Pursuing Happiness When It’s Already Within You — by Leo Babauta
  163. Life and Death – Drop the past each moment — by Osho
  164. You Don’t Have To Carry That Weight — by Zen Gardener
  165. A Kindness That Has Become A Habit — by ali.gray56
  166. 23 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Dalai Lama
  167. True Compassion Begins with Self-Compassion — by Davidji
  168. RSA Animate - The Power of Outrospection
  169. Strike While the Iron is Hot — by Zen Gardener
  170. Don't Be Afraid To Be The One Who Loves The Most — by Nate Bagley
  171. Why Forgiveness Is Power — by Luminita Saviuc
  172. “Manifest Love from the Great Potential.” — Teacher Ophelius
  173. 25 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Rumi — by Luminita Saviuc
  174. The Revolution is LOVE — Fatima Bacot
  175. Look With Your Heart — by Mia Tagano
  176. How to Be Great — by Leo Babauta
  177. Focus On The Bigger Picture — by Patricia Cota-Robles
  178. Casa de Paz (House of Peace)
  179. When Science and Spirituality Collide — by*Carmen Allgood
  180. 25 Lessons, Insights And Revelations From Old Souls — by Aletheia Luna
  181. Why Love Is A Selfish Affair — by Mateo Sol
  182. Heart-Centered Healing Produces The Most Powerful Effect On The Human Body
  183. Stop and Hug — by klw4
  184. 5 Everyday Practices to Living the Good Life — by Mark Nepo
  185. 5 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog — by Tim van der Vliet
  186. Heart Intelligence vs. Brain Intelligence — a video by Gregg Braden
  187. Two Articles on Forgiveness from Wake Up World
  188. Turning passion on its head — by Seth Godin
  189. Radical kindness: the banker who gave it all away — by Katherine Kizilos
  190. Ancient, Infinite Wisdom: Old Souls And Intuition — by Mateo Sol
  191. A Morning of Miracles — by Chris Assaad
  192. Come Home to Love — by Rick Hanson
  193. 30 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 30 Years — by Luminita Saviuc
  194. 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism — by Humanity Healing Network
  195. Why You Should Never Give up on Love — by Luminita Saviuc
  196. “What is Love?” Why we need to reframe the Big Questions — by Marion McGunnigle
  197. Nipun Mehta - Finding Gandhi in today's world — a video interview
  198. 30 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Thνch Nhất Hạnh — by Luminita Saviuc
  199. Understanding True Love — by Jona Bryndis
  200. How to Heal Your Heart — By Joshua Eagle
  201. Sound the Bugle Now — by Ida Lawrence
  202. Working with Human Goodness — by Margaret Wheatley
  203. Poem To Scott And Those Who Hurt: You Do Not Have To Be Good — Jon Katz
  204. Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood — by Chip Johnson
  205. Heart Centered Experience
  206. 5 Ways Science Says Kindness Will Change Your Life — by Birju Pandya
  207. What Would Love Do? — by Danielle Laporte
  208. How Living Your Best Life Will Save the World — by Randi G. Fine
  209. 8 Ways to Let More Love Into Your Life — Dr. Kelly Neff
  210. 25 Lessons from Khalil Gibran that Can Totally Transform Your Life — Luminita Saviuc
  211. ‘Kindness is Contagious’ — by Fluro Zebra*(Aged-10)
  212. Living in the Essence of*LOVE — by Lisa Young
  213. Awakin Talk: Jayesh bhai Patel
  214. A Call To Hearts Lifting to the Higher Self — by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  215. Has Anyone Told You — a viceo by Kate Nowak
  216. Heart-Centered Awareness – Our Portal to Joy — by Melissa Joy Johnsson
  217. The Ancient Science of Living From the Heart — by Christina Sarich
  218. Seeding Projects to Change the World — A Karma Tube video
  219. Ascension 101: How to Not Go Crazy in a Crazy World — by Deidre Madsen
  220. Brain Scans Show The Real Impact Love Has On A Child’s Brain — by Waking Times
  221. Empathy and Ubuntu ~ a Philosophy for a New Humanity — by*Jennifer Deisher
  222. Kenosis: The Experience Of Divine Flowing — by Mateo Sol
  223. The Secret Protects Itself — by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  224. Jane Goodall On Empathy — by Maria Popova
  225. 4 Things The Great Masters All Aimed To Teach Us — by Andrew Martin
  226. Kindness and THE NEW WORLD ORDER — a video
  227. The Compassionate Instinct — by Dacher Keltner
  228. Gratitude. Trust. Love. Peace. - Monday Meditation — by davidji
  229. This Man Skips Lunch to Feed Hungry Kids. He Asks: ‘Will You Join*Me?’
  230. What If? — by RJ Spina
  231. Who are you, really? — by Kosi
  232. Choose Love In Every Moment — by Phil Bolsta
  233. 7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities — by Shannan Stoll
  234. Sources of Light — by Karen Horneffer Ginter
  235. "All The Little Lights" lyrics of a tune by Passenger
  236. A Pledge For Grateful Living — by Brother David Steindl-Rast
  237. Arun Dada and Mira Ba — by Nipun Mehta
  238. We: Champions of the Soul — by Marcus T Anthony
  239. How to Be Thankful For Life by Changing Just One Word — by James Clear
  240. A Strange Predicament — By Pavithra K. Mehta
  241. Must See Inspirational Video by 14-Year Old Poet Darius Konstant
  242. The Difference Between Judgment & Discernment — by Lissa Rankin, M.D
  243. How to Feel More Loved: 9 Tips for Deep Connection — by Lori Deschene
  244. Love Is The Power of God — by Yamaya Cruz
  245. A Heart Wide Open — by Joel and Michelle Levy
  246. Why BEing THE CHANGE Is the Most Effective Method — by Nikki Sapp
  247. Listening to Your Inner Voice: Is Your Head or Your Heart Doing All the Talking?
  248. How Do You Plan To Change The World? — by Luminita Saviuc
  249. Spiritual Poetry: 7 Poems That Will Lift Your Spirit — by The Unbounded Spirit
  250. The Beauty of Spending More Time Alone With Yourself — by Luminita Saviuc