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  1. Environmental Psychotherapy
  2. You cannot do a kindness too soon... — by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. Emperor Ashoka: The Buddhist Ruler Who Banned Slavery and Animal Cruelty, and,,,
  4. John Muir's Spiritual and Political Journey — by Tim Flinders
  5. A Scientist’s Spiritual Awakening — by Jeff Warren
  6. Nikola Tesla - Visions of the Future — by Zen Pencils
  7. What’s Gonna Be on Your Tombstone? — by davidji
  8. Pyotr Tchaikovsky: In the mood for work — a Zen Pencils cartoon
  9. The Gospel According to Reverend Billy — a video from THNKR
  10. Where Do Ideas Come From? — a video from Andrew Norton
  11. French Lessons — by Tracy Cochran
  12. What I Want You to Know About Hitting Rock Bottom — by Taylor Conroy
  13. The Seven Laws of the Great Spirit — by By Hank Wesselman PhD.
  14. Your Light is needed — a video by Anne Kelly
  15. Spotlight on Redemption — by Shari Swanson
  16. Here's a FREE Eckhart Tolle Q&A session
  17. Fear Not the Narcotraficantes — by Nicole Huguenin
  18. A Kahuna Prayer for Wisdom, Clarity and Self-Love — by Nick Polizzi
  19. The Man Who Planted Trees (1987) — a video posted by Pedro Rocha e Mello
  20. Only Breath — a poem from Essential Rumi
 by Coleman Barks
  21. Step Inside Indonesia's Chicken Church — by Atlas Obscura (a story of inspiration)
  22. A Great Urgency: To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders — Avrol Looking Horse
  23. Spiritual Inspiration from Albert Einstein — by UPLIFT
  24. The Dalai Lama’s Favorite Prayer that Gives me Goosebumps. — by Elyane Youssef
  25. Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness — by Niraj Soma Naik