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  1. Inquire Within
  2. Portrait of Christ
  3. The Dance of Love: An Introduction to Prayer
  4. Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet — Dr. Lissa Rankin
  5. Taking back my faith. 
Because Jesus told me to. — by Annika Martins
  6. 3 Astronauts Who Had Spiritual Experiences ‘Up There’ — by Andrei Burke
  7. Surrender Then Soar — by Davidji
  8. Brain Surgeon Visits the Afterlife and Lives to Tell You About It — Josh Richardson
  9. Love from the Great Beyond — by Ida Lawrence
  10. My God — by Christina Rasmussen
  11. a moment in the coffee shop... — by Terri St. Cloud
  12. a writer of mystical persuasion speaks out: why atheists... — by Tennet Semmes
  13. What is Grace? — by Kimberly Carter Gamble
  14. Spiritual Direction — by Millie Mestril
  15. A Gift From The Holy Spirit — by Dr. Dragos
  16. When the Soul Starts Walking – Part*One — by Ida Lawrence
  17. Portraits In Faith: Kenn Day — a spirital journey video
  18. The False Light Constructs of the Cosmic Matrix — by Greg Calise
  19. Why I Started Praying Again. — by Carina Nickerson
  20. The Man Who Planted Trees: A Conversation with David Milarch — by Awakin Call Editors
  21. The Awakening of Juhi — a first-person story from Jeff Street's Blog
  22. The Sacred Pause That Stopped A Fight — by Aryae Coopersmith
  23. Father Angelo Beda Ison — by Portraits In Faith
  24. Both Gradual and Sudden – Part 1 & 2 — by Steve Beckow
  25. The Age of We Need Each Other — by Charles Eisenstein
  26. Hank Wesselman | Shamanic messages from the future — an interview by Leslee Goodman
  27. The Awakening of Cyndy - How I Became A Lightworker — by Cyndy
  28. The Golden rings of The new creation and the New Matrix of Grace
  29. Portraits In Faith: Alan Ter - Singapore
  30. Portraits In Faith — Lucas Stiefvater of Canada
  31. Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon's Journey through the Afterlife — Theosophical Society
  32. Energy We Carry — by Millie Mestril
  33. If you believe it will work out... — by Wayne Dyer
  34. Near Death Experience, Angelic Intervention and the WAKE UP CALL of a Lifetime!
  35. 7 Signs Of Communication From Your Guardian Angels — by Aarti Seraphim
  36. 7 Types of Spirit Guides (+ How to Connect With Them) — by Aletheia Luna
  37. A Zen Whack of True-Compassion — by Paul C Pritchard
  38. All of Life is Vibration — Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen by Portraits In Faith
  39. Physical ASCENSION Symptoms NOW — a video by Lorie Ladd
  40. Dismantle The Fear Constructs Of Your Planet — from Institute of Christ Consciousness
  41. Contact with the Sacred — a film by Katie Teague
  42. I Didn't Believe in Spirituality — by Dr. Bruce Lipton