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  1. Youth Service Corps
  2. There are solutions to climate change...
  3. Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization
  4. The Home as Hostel
  5. The Most Overlooked Leadership Skill
  6. Using EmergenceTo Take Social Innovation To Scale
  7. A Delicious Revolution
  8. A Shift to Humility: Andrew Zolli on Resilience and Expanding the Edge of Change
  9. “Some friends and I started talking...” — by Margaret Wheatley
  10. Fritjof Capra and Frances Moore Lappé
  11. A PhD Student Turned Fruit Picker For Her Community
  12. Ecology and Community — by Fritjof Capra
  13. Architects of Society and the Power of Division — by Julian Wash
  14. A Ladle Goes a Long Way
  15. What Makes Us Human?
  16. Street Store: The Open Source Pop-up Clothing Swap for the Homeless
  17. Should We Spend Time Like Money? — by Stefan Klein
  18. The Honest Truth About Dishonesty — An interview with Dan Ariely
  19. Turning the Tables: Four Steps toward Autonomy — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  20. How to Live Off-the-grid in a Tiny House — By Cat Johnson
  21. Quantum Energy Generator
  22. Interview: Paul Van Slambrouck : Reflections on Journalism — by Richard Whittaker,
  23. Solving the World's Problems
  24. Happiness Tip: Ground Yourself — by Dr. Christine Carter
  25. How a Fruit and Vegetable Auction in Rural Ohio Helps Appalachian Farmers Thrive
  26. About your trash — A conversation with Jeff Kirschner
  27. Power by the People
  28. How to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius by James Clear
  29. Clean Your House And Your Mind Will Follow — by Celia Alario
  30. We Are All One - An Inspiring Short Film To Watch
  31. The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism — by Liz Bentley
  32. Imagine… A World Without Traffic Lights — by Alex Pietrowski
  33. Seven Habits of Mindful Eating — a short video
  34. The proven way to add value — by Seth Godin
  35. “Why Can’t We?” – A Dialogue on Effecting Change
  36. Sowing the Seeds of Health with Urban Farmer Robin Emmons
  37. Reforming Criminals
  38. Lovers Transcending the Duality Void — Ida Lawrence and Soren Dreier
  39. How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? — by James Clear
  40. They call themselves "nerdfighters" — by Christopher Zumski Finke
  41. Meet the Solutionaries — by by Molly Rusk
  42. Cartographies of Time: Part — A two part article by Jonny Miller and Dorothy Sanders
  43. Feedom Inc.; Dropouts Being the Change — a Karmatube Video
  44. The Psychology of Color — a chart by Carey Jolliffe
  45. Living the Simple Life — by Leo Babauta
  46. A World Without Waste? — by Rick Docksai
  47. 10 Young People Changing the Food System — by Margot Tuchler
  48. Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen
  49. 12 Little Known Laws of Karma That Will Change Your Life
  50. Tools of Our Tools & What To Do About It — by Tom Mahon
  51. So Then What? As you succeed at spiritual growth you have to create with it!
  52. 10 Tools to Help You Teach and Learn Meditation — a graphic image
  53. Holiday — a comic about doing nothing by Grant Snider
  54. Who named the colors? — by Seth Godin
  55. Singing the Song of Love — by James C. Wilhelm
  56. How Creative Geniuses Come Up With Great Ideas — by James Clear
  57. Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy – Here’s The Proof
  58. Kindness In An Age of Connected Disconnection — by Rahul Brown
  59. The LumenOctave Principles – A Detailed Guide to the Language of the Soul
  60. Study Proves Sustainable Farms, Organic Farming Beats Factory Farms
  61. Living Outside The System — by Paul Chambers
  62. BBC Documentary - The Magical Forest
  63. This Simple Equation Reveals How Habits Shape Your Health, Happiness, and Wealth
  64. 10 Life Changes You Can’t Avoid On The Path To Awakening — by Amateo Ra
  65. Lw and Order — by Seth Godin
  66. The Importance of 432Hz Music — by Brian T Collins
  67. Relationship Between Garden and Gardener — by Michael J. Roads
  68. The Four-Way Test — Author Unknown
  69. A poem by Jon Katz
  70. Geen Gold — A Documentary by John Liu
  71. A Quick Guide to Changing the World – Seriously
  72. 5 BEST reasons to Live Off the Grid — from OffGrid World
  73. Happiness Tip: Don't Take a Picture — by Dr. Christine Carter
  74. Handshakes and contracts, the future and the past — by Seth Godin
  75. Discipline on the Bus — by Charles Eisenstein
  76. From Silos to Solution Ecosystems — by William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan
  77. Plants Exhibit The Same Senses As Humans And See, Touch, Smell, Hear and Even Taste
  78. The Greatest Gift We Ever Had — by David Cain
  79. The Bizzare Electromagnetic After Effects of Near-Death Experiences — by Buck Rogers
  80. Qualified Requests: How to Ask for Stuff — by Danielle LaPorte
  81. Crowding the pan — by Seth Godin
  82. Taiwan Buddhists transform plastic waste — by Ralph Jennings
  83. Has A 20-Year-Old Found A Cheap Way To Clean The Planet's Oceans?
  84. How To Be A Hero — by Era Denmark
  85. Public Art in Detroit Builds Safer, Stronger Neighborhoods — by Anna Clark
  86. Cradle to Cradle Design – How a Biochemist and an Architect Are Changing the World
  87. Some Pitfalls And Pointers To Talking With Nature — by Michael Roads
  88. She Hasn’t Made Any Trash In 2 Years. This Is What Her Life Is Like
  89. Two London Supermarkets Support 'Food Sustainability' — a video
  90. Understanding The Science of Water — by Brendan D. Murphy
  91. Essential Guide to the EU — by Bob Johnson - Jim Johnson
  92. Working for The Man Should Be a Last Resort — by David Cain
  93. Can Russia’s Garden Plot Model Feed the World, Organically? — from The Bovine
  94. Bolivia passes "Law of Mother Earth" which gives rights to our planet....
  95. Spiritual Ecology — by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
  96. Why This New Idea for a Book Group Is So Smart — by Gretchen Rubin
  97. Amazing Singing Plants Phenomenon
  98. Charles Eisenstein: On Movements and Activism — a YouTube video
  99. 39 Lessons Life Will Teach Everyone by a Certain Age — Jack Lynch
  100. Our Justice System Requires Us To Punish Wrongdoers. What If There Were a Better Way?
  101. Building Empathy in Healthcare — by Kasley Killam
  102. Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil — a video
  103. Interview: Gail Needleman: Music Is Something You Do — by Richard Whittaker
  104. The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of — Dr. Mercola
  105. The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think
  106. What a Strange Way of Life - OFFICIAL TRAILER
  107. The best laid plans — by Seth Godin
  108. Revolutionary Family Shows True Meaning of Self-Reliance — by Cole Mellino
  109. When Science Gets Dismissed As “Alternative” — by*Lissa Rankin MD
  110. Difference Between Healing and Curing — by Michael Lerner, PhD
  111. Hope & Belief: The Hidden Fuel of Intention — Soren Dreier
  112. Useful Things To Be Saying To Your Cells — by Ian Brown
  113. Gregory Kloehn Repurposes Trash Into Vibrant Houses for the Homeless
  114. Walking: The Secret Ingredient for Health, Wealth, and More Exciting Neighborhoods
  115. 5 Amazing Super Powers You’ll Develop When You Get Creative — by Cherie Roe Dirksen
  116. Growing Your Own Food is a Must for Our Future — by Jefferey Jaxen
  117. Scientists Discover That Eyes Are Windows To The Soul — Steven Bancarz
  118. The indirect investment (plural) — by Seth Godin
  119. The Myth of Multitasking — by James Clear
  120. Touch As Nutrition by John Tuite
  121. Vertical Farming Crop Yields That Will Blow Your Mind — by clnNicole
  122. First U.S. City Produces More Electricity Than It Uses — With 100% Renewable Tech
  123. Along for the ride — by Seth Godin
  124. Permaculture – What Is It and Why Is It Important? — by Phil Watt
  125. Active Listening — by Seth Godin
  126. Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy — by Adam Epstein
  127. To what do you attribute the various "synchronous" events? — Unknown Author
  128. Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories? — by Lance deHaven-Smith, Ph.D
  129. How Being Too Clean Can Lead to Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac Disease and More
  130. Original Unpackaged, a Zero Waste No Packaging Supermarket — a video
  131. 12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People — by Kim Phillips
  132. Do You Think That Brown Eggs Are Healthier Than White Eggs? — by simplyilka
  133. Food Is Free — a movement started in Austin Texas
  134. Our Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like Us: Are We Doing It Wrong? — by Arjun Walia
  135. Sincerity Isn’t a Contractual Thing — by Danielle LaPorte
  136. How a New Dutch Library Smashed Attendance Records — by Cat Johnson
  137. Leadership for Collective Wisdom — by Alan Briskin
  138. Powerful Kids Save the World One Marker at a Time — a video from goinspirego.com
  139. Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall
  140. Pay-As-You-Feel Cafe Feeds Thousands on Food Waste — by Cat Johnson
  141. (re)Radical — by Seth Godin
  142. How You Can Manually Change the World: Turn Off Your TV — by Bernie Suarez
  143. An Open Call to Musicians to Create Positive Music That Inspires — by Daniel Dowling
  144. Plasma Power – A Limitless Source of Clean Energy — by Emma Bailey
  145. Costa Rica Becomes The FIRST Nation To Ban Hunting! — by Amanda Froelich
  146. Be Amazing! Always Be Creative… — by Cherie Roe Dirksen
  147. Golden Rules for Living — source unknown
  148. First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy — by Derek Sivers
  149. Little Free Libraries Make Big Changes in Communities — by Cat Johnson
  150. Young Delacroix on the Importance of Solitude in Creative Work — by Maria Popova
  151. Landspeak — by Robert Macfarlane
  152. This Small, New York Farm Dismantles Oppressive Food Systems — by Cat Johnson
  153. Actions Speak Louder Than Words — by Julian Rose
  154. 5 Countries That Prove the World Doesn’t Need Fossil Fuels — by Jake Anderson
  155. The Broken Rules of Mass Media – and Better Ones to Live By — by Trent Hamm
  156. Olympic Medalist Dick Fosbury and the Surprising Power of Being Unconventional
  157. Everyne Has A Story The World Needs to Hear — from KarmaTube
  158. Imagine, a World Without Bosses: Is “Holacracy” the Workplace of the Future?
  159. Show us the pictured — by Seth Godin
  160. Overcoming The “Single Story”: 3 Inspiring Ted Talks From 3 Inspiring Women
  161. 11 Reasons Why Hippies (Not Psychos) Should Rule the World — by Jack Adam Weber
  162. 9 Common Traits Of Happy People (That They Don’t Talk About) — by Mark DeNicola
  163. The Fuel of Good Decision Making — by Mark Liskey
  164. A Brief Guide to Recreational Time Travel — by David Cain
  165. How Radio Enthusiasts Are Listening to Earth’s Secret Symphony — by Alex Tesar
  166. It’s Not Just About What You Say, It’s About How You Live — by James Clear
  167. Ecovative's Mushroom Tiny House — a video
  168. The Weird Strategy Dr. Seuss Used to Create His Greatest Work — by James Clear
  169. 7 Tactics to Trick the World into Higher Consciousness — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  170. Gandhi’s Secret Fight The Public Knew Little About — by Christopher Darryl
  171. The Truth Movement May Hold Critical Answers for Humanity — by Bernie Suarez
  172. 10 Steps to Free Yourself From the Conspiracy Against Enlightenment — Dylan Charles
  173. 21 Tips on Getting Better at Being Human… From The Internet. (basic but true)
  174. The 12 Secrets of Profound Intuition — by Marcus T Anthony
  175. The Marshmallow Test — a video by IgniterMedia
  176. Tell Me Your Story, Not Your Status — by Isaac Morehouse
  177. A Simple Idea for Better Health and Control of Your Emotions — by Anna Hunt
  178. The Great Lie… and Four Ways to Stop Telling It — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  179. The Inventor & The Sage: The Friendship of Swami Vivekananda and Nikola Tesla
  180. Busyness is a Kind of Debt — by David Cain
  181. Former WWII Bomb Shelter Now World’s First Underground Farm — by Cole Mellino
  182. George the Poet on Climate Change — a video from The RSA
  183. Dr. Masaru Emoto Believed that Water is ‘Something Not of This Earth — by Buck Rogers
  184. Why Do We Have To Sleep? — a video from It's Okay To Be Smart
  185. Understanding the Diderot Effect (and How To Overcome It) — by Joshua Becker
  186. Why We Don’t Mature With Age, We Mature Through Hardship — Lauren Martin
  187. Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated — by the editorial staff of UpLift
  188. Ubykh: The language that died with a man — by Burcu Arik
  189. 10 Words Technology Borrowed from Nature — by Sue Thomas
  190. The Healing Properties of Water Stored in Copper — by Bhavika
  191. Does vocabulary matter? — by Seth Godin
  192. A Tale of Two Brains: How Your Second Brain Is Key To Understanding Many Chronic Ills
  193. The Keshe Foundation: Free Energy for World Peace. — by Christina Sarich
  194. 25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink — by Lance Schuttler
  195. 10 Reasons You Should Laugh Today — by Christina Sarich
  196. 51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature — by Jennifer Schaffer
  197. The Surprising Healing Qualities… of Dirt — by Daphne Miller, M.D.
  198. Colorado Pushes for Universal Health Care That’s Governed by the People
  199. Inventor Releases Open Source Plans that Will Usher in the Maker Culture
  200. Near Vancouver, There Is A “Secret” Island Where Everyone Lives Completely Off-Grid
  201. 10 Secrets To A Happy & Healthy 100 Years Of Life: Lessons from Okinawa, Japan
  202. The truth about Sweden's short working hours — by Maddy Savage
  203. 5 Reasons Why Community Gardens Are Good For Your Neighbourhood
  204. Seeing the Forest: An Oregon Ecosystem Is Restored — by David Bollier
  205. The World’s First Plant Based Egg Is Putting The Egg Industry In A Panic — by Alanna
  206. The Geopathic Stress Thread — Real? Bogus? I'm slightly on the real side.
  207. 6 Photographers Shoot The Same Guy To Show The Power Of Perspective — by Dovas
  208. Should We Train Doctors for Empathy? — by Jill Suttie
  209. The Curious Case of the Antidepressant, Anti-Anxiety Backyard Garden — by Daphne M.
  210. Surveys and focus groups — by Seth Godin
  211. Why you need to create crappy stuff first, in order to create brilliant stuff later
  212. Dogs Are Now Recognized As Sentient Beings In France — by Amanda Froelich
  213. Our Stories - How they make us - How to change them
  214. 60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours! — by Amanda Froelich
  215. How to Tap Into the Healing Abilities of Your Chakras —by Anna Hunt
  216. How to Change the Future — by Paul Lenda
  217. Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video)
  218. 8 Principles for Creating Thriving Public Streets — by Cat Johnson
  219. Ancient “Alternate Nostril Breathing” Technique — by Gillian B
  220. 4 Eccentric Ways Trees Can Heal You — by Aletheia Luna
  221. Austria’s Largest State Is Running On 100% Renewable Energy — by Amanda Froelich
  222. Mudras: The Healing Power in your Hands — by Sonali Bansal
  223. The Living Matrix — a movie about the new view of biology
  224. Cymatics, Sound, And Consciousness — by Drago De Silver
  225. The Man Who's Building A 10,000 Year Clock — a video from Public Record
  226. 9 Reasons You Need To Be Giving and Receiving Hugs Everyday — by Josh Richardson
  227. Living Near Trees Is Good for Your Health — by Dr. Mercola
  228. People react to being called beautiful — by Shea Glover
  229. Urban Agroecoloy: 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre - Urban Homestead
  230. 3 Ways Seeds Can Democratize Our Food System — By YES! Magazine
  231. Solving the Mysteries of Anecdotal Cures — by Tracy Kolenchuk
  232. Earthships: Meet a Community in New Mexico Living in Incredible Off-The-Grid Homes
  233. The scientists whose garden unlocked the secret to good health — by Lucy Rock
  234. Dean Radin; Redesigning Philosophy - The Science of Parapsychology (Video)
  235. Library of Things — a part of the Sacramento Public Library System
  236. Why fasting bolsters brain power: Mark Mattson at TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity
  237. What We Do to Nature, We Do to Ourselves — by Charles Eisenstein
  238. Groundbreaking Discovery: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power
  239. 10 Minutes of Staring into Someone’s Eyes Can Induce Altered State of Consciousness
  240. The Orbo PowerCube ‘Free Energy’ Charger is Available for Pre-Order
  241. The Off-Grid Rebellion the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About — by Daniel Arsenault
  242. An Interview with Moussa Ag Assarid — by Victor M. Amelain
  243. Creative Commons Sails Past One Billion Licensed Works — by Cat Johnson
  244. Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember — by Sayer Ji
  245. Costa Rica Powers 285 Days of 2015 With 100% Renewable Energy — by Cole Mellino
  246. Five Reasons Why Art is Vital for Human Flourishing — by Gary Z McGee
  247. Is the World Ready for Earthships? — a video from The Adaptors
  248. How to Start Your Own Skillshare — by Meg Wachter
  249. 5 Inspiring And Affordable Ways To Live Off The Grid — by Ben Neal
  250. Eating Right Can Save the World — by Tim Zimmermann