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  1. The Races
  2. Sufism note; from Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Saparbai Kushkarov)
  3. 9 if/then questions and answers from the Urantia Book
  4. A short Hassidic tale
  5. C.S. Lewis on God rebuilding You - a short quotation
  6. The Thought Adjustor - or- Your Own Fragment of God
  7. Fath vs belief
  8. The Nature of the Spirit and the Soul — by Jade Wah’oo Grigori
  9. The Principles of Zen — by Julian Websdale
  10. Jacob Needleman—"Verna": An Excerpt from "What Is God?"
  11. On Religion and Science: Insights From Albert Einstein
  12. Hell Is Real, If You Can Believe It — by Julian Wash
  13. Pope Francis reveals top 10 secrets to happiness — by Carol Glatz
  14. “Manifest Love from the Great Potential.” — Teacher Ophelius
  15. “Wheel of Life” Sand Mandala Explained by Venerable Lama Losang Samten
  16. “The Quickening – Amp-up the Frequency of Consciousness.” — by Teacher Ophelius
  17. My Favorite 11:11 Progress Group Messages
  18. The Creative Spark. Freeing The Passion Of The Soul — by Jon Katz
  19. You Can Benefit from Unconditional Prayer in 4 Simple Steps — by Vicki Howie
  20. “From This Day Forward, You are a Student of Love.” — by Teacher Ophelius
  21. “Higher Love – The Soul Fuel.” — by Teacher Ophelius
  22. “The Many Degrees of Higher Love.” 
 — Teacher Ophelius
  23. You Are God: The True Teachings of Jesus — by Brandon West
  24. 10 Misinterpreted Teachings From Jesus of Nazareth — by Mateo Sol
  25. Cathars Creed
  26. 100 of the Most Powerful Zen Proverbs & Sayings — by Wisdom Pills
  27. Evolutionary Religion — by Teacher Prolotheos
  28. “Commonalities among Religions.” 
— by Teacher Prolotheos
  29. Vedanta – The Science of Self Discovery — by Frank Huguenard
  30. I Belong to No Religion. My Religion Is Love — by Luminita Saviuc
  31. Like a prayer — by Heather Havrilesky
  32. If I Should Meet God — by Rabbi Hirshel Jaffe
  33. Putting Jesus' Teachings Into Context of Our Overall Understanding of God — a video
  34. Planetary Evacuation.. the plan changed, explanation. — TR Leonette
  35. Conceptual frames of the universe... — The Urantia Book
  36. Byron Belitsos: The end of the Lucifer rebellion and the coming Avatar of our age
  37. Why people turn away from religion — in a single sentence by John O'donohue*
  38. One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)
  39. Secret Missionaries And Smuggled Bibles: China's Religious Boom — by Tao Tao Holmes
  40. Bishop Ron Archer Testimony The “Trick” Baby
  41. Connecting With Our Personal Mother Goddess — by Angela Pritchard
  42. "Awesome" by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago
  43. The Convert Series: Leah Libresco (an interview with a former atheist)
  44. Let The Mystery Be - Iris DeMent
  45. Steve Harvey talks to audience. "Jump"
  46. The Rebel Virgins And Desert Mothers Who Have Been Written Out Of Christianity
  47. The Golden Rule Or The Ethic of Reciprocity — by Humanity Healing Network
  48. 10 Misinterpreted Teachings From Jesus of Nazareth — by Mateo Sol
  49. There’s a Seal on the Soul — by Julian Rose
  50. “A Personal Commitment.”
  51. The Great Invocation — adapted from the writings of Alice Bailey
  52. American Bishop Explains How Religion Is ‘Made Up’ & Used To Control People
  53. How to contact God through meditation — As Taught by Paramahansa Yogananda
  54. Recovering from Religious Repression – The Journey to Freedom — by Nanice Ellis
  55. How a Seed Resembles God — a video from Swedenborg Minute
  56. Chist Consciousness — by the Arcturian Group 12/18/16
  57. Why Freedom from Religious Dogma is Important. — by Brandon Gilbert
  58. How a Seed Resembles God - Swedenborg Minute — a short video
  59. Seven Sufi Teachings to Light Your Way — by Azriel ReShel
  60. Home Free - How Great Thou Art — an a cappella tune
  61. 4 Ways Organized Religion Kills Freedom and Critical Thinking — by Slip
  62. Ahead... — by CS Lewis (a graphic suggestion of the afterlife)
  63. Agnostics — a teaching of Alan Watts
  64. The Gift of the Divine Indwelling — by Byron Belitsos
  65. The Golden Rule: A Lesson in Oneness Throughout the Ages — by Paul Lenda
  66. How Do You Define God? — by Laura Fenamore
  67. Why Are There No New Major Religions — by Jon Emont
  68. The Spiritual Golden Rule — by Ethan Indigo Smitb
  69. Jesus through John — a channeled message to John Smallman
  70. You Are Beings Of Light — by Anyas
  71. The Last Testament — by Jonas Bendiksen
  72. Unknown Life of Jesus Christ — by Abbot George Burke (Swami Nirmalananda Giri)
  73. Deed Rock — a story and pictures in Atlas Obscura
  74. Al-Shikhan, Iraq — Lalish Temple — by Atlas Obscura
  75. We will not disappoint you. — by Wivine
  76. Practicing the Presence of God — by Dave Holt
  77. Oh No! Still More Galaxies! — by Ted Peters
  78. Wayside Chapel — from Atlas Obscura
  79. How to be a Spiritual Atheist. — by Dr. Matthew King
  80. Monotheism — a cartoon by B Kliban
  81. Pato Banton — Reggae Ambassador for the Urantia Book
  82. Why the Christian Concept of Hell Contradicts the Idea of an All-Loving God
  83. "Addresses to Cherags", "Our Sacred Task", Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)
  84. Loving Allāh and gaining His Love
  85. Allāh and the name An-Nūr (The Light)
  86. The shape and orbit of the earth
  87. The inheritance of Paradise
  88. The degrees and levels of Paradise and Hell
  89. Basic Math for Atheists — by Anna Von Reitz
  90. Sincerity is the Key
  91. The Secret Doctrines of Jesus — by H. Spencer Lewis
  92. Toward a New Conception of God — by Jacob Needleman
  93. Two Capitals, Three Kingdoms — by Anna Von Reitz
  94. Give Us This Day Our Oxymoron? — by Anna Von Reitz
  95. Taoist Ascended Masters Comment On How Religions Enslave Us Instead Of Awaken Us
  96. News Flash: Law Derives From Religion — by Anna Von Reitz
  97. But Which "God"? — by Anna Von Reitz
  98. Witches V. Satanists — by Anna Von Reitz
  99. Understanding the Eight Realizations of Great Beings — Shweta Advani
  100. The Crusade Toward One World Religion — by Rosanne Lindsay
  101. Peaceful Abiding — by Tracy Cochran
  102. Freeing Ourselves from Religious Dogma — by Julian Rose
  103. Why I Use the Description, "Our Father" — by Anna Von Reitz
  104. Hidden Teachings of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness
  105. Sin is a Made-Up Religious Marketing Scheme — by Caitlin Johnstone
  106. “Alle Shalle Be Wele:” Julian of Norwich and the process of transformation
  107. Mercy — by Lee Van Laer
  108. Secondhand Salvation — by Anna Von Reitz
  109. 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Have a Religion — by Sofo Archon
  110. Retired American Bishop Believes The Church Invented Hell &... — by Arjun Walia
  111. What Do You Call God? — by Paul C Pritchard
  112. The Seven Evolutionary Epochs of Spiritual Evolution — Excerpt from the Urantia Book
  113. Sufi Teachings to Light Your Way — by Azriel ReShel