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  1. The Awakening Soul – Floodgate of the Apocalypse — by Zen Gardner
  2. Truth and Lies Through Indigo Eyes — by Julian Wash
  3. Tha Awakening or A Shift in Consciousness
  4. Becoming an Intentional Evolutionary — by Paul Lenda
  5. Slipping Into The Cosmos — by Zen Gardner
  6. Conscious Evolution for the Sake of Our Future — by Paul Lenda
  7. The Unstoppable Awakening of Humanity — by Zen Gardner
  8. Where the Warrior Comes In: Authenticity vs. Manipulation — by Ida Lawrence
  9. 12 Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening — a graphic
  10. Change Yourself Change Humanity — by Randi G. Fine
  11. How To Beat And Exit The Matrix — by RJ Spina
  12. The Hurtful Darkness — by Soren Dreier
  13. THE SHIFT (in consciousness): A Movement Propelling The Next Generation
  14. When rising into the person you’re meant to be feels agonizingly hard… A prayer.
  15. The Peaceful Power of Confidence — by Zen Gardener
  16. We Have it Within Ourselves to Raise our Conscious Level and That of Humanity
  17. 11 Signs of Spiritual Awakening — a video by CenterOfOneness
  18. 6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are All Experiencing Right Now — by Michael Forrester
  19. The Rise of Empathic Consciousness — by Kingsley L. Dennis
  20. We Are From the Future — Next Stage is the Revolution of Love
  21. The Collective Evolution III: The Shift | Official Release 2014
  22. Are You Alone? Or Strategically Placed! — by Zen Gardner
  23. The Dissolution of Contrived Civilization — by Zen Gardner
  24. Choose Your Reality! — by Lisa Young
  25. Under Pressure — by Ida Lawrence
  26. The Positivity of Objectivity and the Time of*Transition — by Bernhard Guenther
  27. We Have Arrived at the Dawn of the Unknowing — By Paul Lenda
  28. Are You A Spiritual Outsider? From Evolution To Involution — by Mateo Sol
  29. The Matrix is Unwinding — by Chris Bourne
  30. The 12 Biggest Life Secrets Forgotten By Mankind — by Gilbert Ross
  31. 9 Key Components of the Shift Towards Higher Consciousness — by Dylan Charles
  32. Loneliness – The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind — by Julian Wash
  33. Blessed Unrest — a speech by Paul Hawken
  34. According to your Belief — Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
  35. The Balancing Act — a video by Geoff Byrd
  36. The Daily Revolutionary — by Dylan Charles
  37. Transformation Of The Individual: Upping Our Game For Conscious Evolution
  38. This Is How The Elite Stay In Power. The World Needs To Know — by*Elina St-Onge
  39. Let’s End the Story of Separation In 2015 — by Lissa Rankin Md.
  40. Ecocide: The Psychology of Environmental Destruction — by Steve Taylor Ph.D
  41. The New Farmers — by Lauren Markham
  42. Knowledge Is Power – The Benefits of Conscious Awareness — by Sarah Elkhaldy
  43. Ecosophy: Nature’s Guide to a Better World — by Elisabet Sahtouris
  44. The Inevitability of Peaceful Revolution — by Lance Schuttler
  45. A Question of Story — by Thomas Berry
  46. What is the Real Matrix? — by Khris Krepcik
  47. Where Do We Go From Here? — by*Paul Lenda
  48. 10 Qualities of Visionary Leaders for Transitional Times — by Gerri Ravyn Stanfield
  49. A Need and An Ecstasy — by Ida Lawrence
  50. Navigating the Transition — by Chris Thomson
  51. Radio Marathon to Fight Mandatory Vaccination: May 1, 2015
  52. Does Anything Feel Different to You? 5 Signs Things Are Changing — by Trev McDonald
  53. Sovereignty – An Awakening Slave’s Most Challenging Reflection — by Uwe Schafer
  54. The World to Come – From Vision to Reality — by Julian Rose
  55. To See The Cage Is To Leave It — by Aimee Gordon
  56. Why Intelligent People Fear the Truth — by Julian Wash
  57. Stay Strong, World*Changers — by Wes Annac
  58. These 4 Young People are the Voice of the Next Revolution — by Sigmund Fraud
  59. Got Any Labels On*You? — by Ida Lawrence
  60. Raising Vibrations: How To Be The Change You Want To See In The World
  61. What is the Revolution in Consciousness? 3 Defining Aspects. — by Wisdom Pills
  62. We Create Creation — by Soren Dreier
  63. What is the Shift? — by Vidya Frazier
  64. The Art of Breaking Chains and Taking Names — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  65. 3 Reasons Why The Awakening Will Not be a Revolution — by Michael Forrester
  66. 3 Keys to Triggering a Radically Positive Shift in Consciousness — by Justin Faerman
  67. Let The Emergence of a New Humanity Begin! — by Paul Lenda
  68. Love as a Great Transition Story — by Duane Elgin
  69. How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy — by Sayer Ji
  70. The Rise of an Intuitive Humanity — by Kingsley L. Dennis
  71. Universal Consciousness – True Preparedness for Uncertain Times — by Rene’ Descartes
  72. The True Revolution — by Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D.
  73. Waking Up Love — by Adam Lanka
  74. Reclaim your sovereignty by renouncing your citizenship – Interview with Ghis
  75. Why I Think This World Should End (Prince Ea - True Love) — a video by Brandon Sloan
  76. Power Of The Sovereign Spirit — by Neil Kramer
  77. Changing Beliefs: The Gateway To Freedom — by Jonh Reid
  78. Swami Beyondananda's 2013 State of the Universe Address
  79. Take a Chance, Make a Choice, Be the Change — by Adam Lanka
  80. Symptoms That You Are Awakening 2015 — a video by Bernard Alvarez
  81. How to Shift a Paradigm — by Amaterasu Solar
  82. Are the Indigo Children at the Root of the Global Shift? — by Alexis Brooks
  83. Waking Up The Self in a World That’s Asleep — by Phillip J Watt
  84. The Triple Transformation of The Human*Being — by Mado Sauvι*
  85. 20 Indicators That Signal You May Be Living In The Matrix — by*Andrew Martin
  86. True Revolution of Our Time is the Revolution of Consciousness — by Frank M. Wanderer
  87. What "The Shift" is all about — by Christine Stein
  88. The Revolution of Values — by Lance Schuttler
  89. Reasons to Be the Change You Want To See In the World — by Paul A Philips
  90. 18 Signs That You’re Here to Transform Human Consciousness — by Lissa Rankin
  91. The Age of Spiritual Awakening Has Really Begun – New Research Confirms
  92. The Evolution Process of Consciousness — Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D
  93. Collectively Realised Creation -v- Mutually Assured Destruction — by Julian Rose
  94. Infinite Potential — by James C. Wilhelm
  95. Let’s Help Light the*Matrix — by Ida Lawrence
  96. Watch The Moment British Soldiers Throw War Medals To Floor With These Powerful Words
  97. Inner Transformation or Revolution? — by Beverly Blanchard
  98. Are We In The Midst Of A Great Awakening? — by Peter Russell
  99. How to Deprogram Yourself — by*Gregg Prescott, M.S.
  100. The Awakening - Max Igan - Full Length Documentary (2011)
  101. Faulty Concepts & Non-Compliance — a video by Scooter Rockets
  102. Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of The Hunger Games
  103. The Six Levels of Higher Consciousness: How to Make the Shift — by Mary O’malley
  104. Three Reasons Why Just Being Alive is Not Enough — by Gary Z McGee
  105. There is something extraordinary happening in the world — by Gustavo Tanaka 
  106. Once, When We Were Free — by Jon Rappoport
  107. 10 Signs That You’re Fully Awake — by Activist Post
  108. 18 Human Qualities Most Needed to Advance the Global Awakening — by Dylan Charles
  109. You are Born in a Cage You Cannot See — a video from Planet .EarthSphere
  110. 6 Ways to Transition from the Fourth Into the Fifth World — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  111. There’s an Awakening Happening and You’re a Part of It (with Gregg Braden)
  112. Think Humanity is F*CKED? 5 Facts to Make You an*Optimist! — by Humberto Braga II
  113. The Strawman is the Ego: the parasite cleanse begins at*home — by Kit Walker
  114. The Control-Matrix is Crashing because the Truth-Seekers are Winning
  115. Owning Yourself: Group-Think Vs Individualism — by Bernhard Guenther
  116. 3 Ways to Overcome the System and Start Your Own Revolution — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  117. No One Escapes the Shift — by Zen Gardner
  118. Navigating the Paradigm Shift — by Stacy Vajta
  119. Love Rebels, Unite! — by By Wes Annac
  120. Mutiny of the Soul — by Charles Eisenstein
  121. Are You Ready for a Spiritual Revolution? — by Wes Annac
  122. Are You a Bridge Between Two Worlds? — by Christina Lavers
  123. The 5 Stages of Awakening – Signposts and Pitfalls on the Path of Consciousness
  124. It’s Time To Pop Your Conspiracy Theory Cherry — by Tim Bryant
  125. What If You Did Things Differently Today? — by Open
  126. 3 States of Mind to Embrace the Coming Energy — by Michael Forrester
  127. Openhearted Rebellion: The Foundation of Spiritual*Revolution — by Wes Annac
  128. The Critical Thinking Trap: How the “Conspiracy Theory” Label Undermines the Truth
  129. Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself - Shifting From Fear to Love — by Jeff Street
  130. The Matrix of Control – Beyond its 3D Manifestation — by Bernhard Guenther
  131. The Power Below The Surface – You Are So Much More Than You Can Imagine
  132. The Dream Comes True: Reclaiming Our*Imagination — by Kit Walker
  133. Motherless Child Revisited — by Ida Lawrence
  134. 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Watching TV — by Sofo Archon
  135. 5 Solutions for a New World — by Tim Bryant
  136. 8 Signs the World is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift — by Tim Bryant
  137. If You Start Exhibiting This Behaviour, It’s A Sure Sign You’re “Waking Up” — by Wes
  138. All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix — by Phillip J. Watt
  139. Stop Consuming Culture and Create Your Own — by Stephen Parato
  140. What is Sovereignty? — by Zen Gardner
  141. Mind Virus Wetiko: Collective Shadow of Humanity — by Makia Freeman
  142. How Far Into Darkness Will the World Fall? — by Phillip J. Watt
  143. The Mandela Effect — by Welles
  144. 10 Signs of Our Global Awakening — by Paul A. Philips
  145. Activism: The Way to Demonstrate Your Spirituality — by Makia Freeman
  146. The Coming Revolution – A New Vibrational Reality — by Tim Bryant
  147. How to Clean Your Brain: Unlearning Concepts that Lead to Crummy Consciousness
  148. 7 Ways the Idea of Spaceship Earth Binds Us All — by Gary Z McGee
  149. The Spiritual Significance of Brexit in the Great 5D Earth Shift — by Open
  150. Calling Forth The Great Revolution — by Julian Rose
  151. 15 Ways to Help Create a More Beautiful World — by Sofo Archon
  152. 6 Keys to Successfully Making the Shift to the New Earth — by Jeff Street
  153. Now That You’ve Awakened How Do You Awaken Others? — by Paul A Philips
  154. Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome — by Jeff Street
  155. There is something extraordinary happening in the world — by Gustavo Tanaka
  156. A New Paradigm —by Wes Annac
  157. Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, And The Hidden Forces Of*Life
  158. Saying NO with Conviction — by Deb Ozarko
  159. A Massive Wake-Up Call for Humanity — by Diana Rose Kottle
  160. So We’re “Awake”… Now What? — by Jordan
  161. Do You Have a Burning Yearning for Change? — by Open
  162. Consciously Navigating Through Dark Times — by Diana Rose Kottle
  163. The Universal Ascension Process – Our Journey to Oneness — by Jeff Street
  164. The Awakening Will Continue Regardless of This Year’s Election — by Tim Bryant
  165. What is Awakening? Sorting Through the Confusion — by Morag O’Brien
  166. The World is Waking Up and it’s Magic to Watch — by Phillip J. Watt
  167. 6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are All Experiencing Right Now — by Michael Forrester
  168. 8 Signs the World is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift — by Tim Bryant
  169. 4 Struggles You Will Face If You Take the Red Pill (but It’s Worth It) — by Kirstie
  170. Breaking the Cycle of Human Complacency and Servitude — by TheHealthRanger
  171. 10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
  172. The Only Way to Save the World is to Save Yourself — by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
  173. 5 Times You Know You Are Rebelling Against Modern Society — by Anna LeMind
  174. Is the World Crisis Igniting a Mass Global Awakening? — by Nanice Ellis
  175. Want to Exit the Matrix? Here Is How to Do It in 6 Steps — by Kirstie Pursey
  176. Sparking An Inner Revolution — by Lance Schuttler
  177. 21 Traits of an Awakening Soul — by Christina Sarich
  178. Do You Have a High Vibration? 10 Signs of a Vibrational Shift to Look for
  179. Escaping the Matrix: 10 Ways to Deprogram Yourself — by Sofo Archon
  180. A Cosmic Wake Up Call — by Lisa Young
  181. The Lessons Offered by “The Dark Ones” — by Jeff Street
  182. The Art of Jumping Time Lines — by Tom Kenyon
  183. Scientist Claims That Consciousness Continues After Death Life Is Just The Beginning
  184. The Great Awakening, Raising Your Vibration — by Sharode Penny
  185. Healing a World Disconnected From Its Imagination —by Tim Bryant
  186. Ascension - It happens within — a video by Sophia Love
  187. Everything WILL Change (Bashar, Alan Watts, Pleiadians, Charles Chaplin) — a video
  188. How To Take Part In A Paradigm Shift — by Samuel Kronen
  189. Activating Your DNA ~ Shifting Your*Blueprint — by L’Aura Pleiadian
  190. A New Map — by Kingsley L. Dennis
  191. A World Disconnected From Its Imagination — by Tim Bryant
  192. Medicine for the Earth — by Sandra Ingerman
  193. “Burning the Boats” of an Outdated Reality Construct – Here’s How — by Open
  194. A Spiritual Approach to Creating the World We Want — by Indigo Ocean
  195. Interview Joshua Gorman: Generation Waking Up — by Rhonda Fabian
  196. The Resurrection of Mother — by Ida Lawrence
  197. Changing the World Without Changing the System — by Wes Annac
  198. The Awakening Goes Deeper Than You Think — by Tim Bryant
  199. Do You Belong To The New 1% Of The Population That Will SHATTER The Global Elite?
  200. The Global Awakening and How You are Part of the Solution — by Paul A. Philips
  201. “Now What?” – The Energy Behind Your Next Big Transition — by Stacy Vajta
  202. The Power of “Why” in finding your Path — by Rainer Jundt
  203. Pilgrims of a Newer World — by Ida Lawrence
  204. How to Find Your Way Out of the Simulated Matrix (Maya) — by Christina Sarich
  205. We are the Ones we’ve been Waiting For — by Bruce Mulkey
  206. 15 Reality-Shattering Thought Experiments That Will Unplug You From the Matrix
  207. Indications of a Global Shift in*Consciousness — by Wes Annac
  208. Dear Family and Friends: it’s Time to Wake Up — by Phillip J. Watt
  209. Lessons from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ — by Ethan Indigo Smith
  210. Secret Spells of the English Language — a video by Laurel Airica
  211. Archons: Are You Being Controlled By The Forces Of Anti-Awakening? — by Mateo Sol
  212. Old Soul In The New Energy — by Bob Mangroo
  213. You Are a Sovereign Being – Start Acting Like It! — by Jeff Street
  214. Are We Humans Terminally Insane or Just Waking Up? — by Paul Lenda
  215. What Is The Shift? — by Vidya Frazier
  216. We Are Walking a Tightrope Through Chaos — by Julian Rose
  217. World Transformation: 7 Paradigm-Shifting Humanitarian Solutions — by Paul Philips
  218. Entering a Sober New Age — by Ida Lawrence
  219. I’m Not Going Insane: It’s the Universal Awakening! — by Rachel Horton White
  220. Edge of Madness — by Millie Parmer
  221. 14 signs you are on The Right Path of evolution — by Dejan Davchevski
  222. Activating Your Divine Blueprint Of Awakening — by Lisa Young
  223. I Woke Up and the World Around Me is Still Asleep… What to Do? — by Juliet Tang
  224. Indigenous Wisdom for Living Responsibly — by Anneloes Smitsman
  225. Now That You’ve Awakened, How Do You Help Awaken Others? — by Paul A. Philips
  226. Conscious Evolution: The 10 Keys to Saving Humanity and Healing the Planet
  227. Four Signs We are Experiencing a Collective Awakening — by Steven Taylor
  228. The Control System vs. The Awakening – Which Will Win? — by Paul A. Philips
  229. Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness: 3D, 4D, and 5D — by Tanaaz
  230. The 3 Most Pressing Dilemmas Of The Awakened Mind — by Dylan Charles
  231. Unleashing Your Unique Talents And Gifts In Service Of A World In Need
  232. Do You Belong To The New 1% Of The Population That Will SHATTER The Global Elite?
  233. How To Remove Yourself From Linear Existence — by Jen Ward
  234. 6 Consciousness Shifts Mankind Is Experiencing Right Now — by Michael Forrester
  235. Our Focus Creates Our Future — by Zen Gardner
  236. The Power Of Saying ‘No’ — by Julian Rose
  237. 5 Ways to Protect Knowledge and Build Our Own Resilient Culture — by Cassius Methyl
  238. There is an Underworld — by Ida Lawrence
  239. A Time of Transitioning Consciousness — by Guru Singh
  240. Empathize your way out of the Matrix — by Carmen Smallegange
  241. Consciousness Is The Key To World Change — by Paul A. Philips
  242. The Three States of Consciousness – 3D, 4D and 5D: Which One Do You Live in?
  243. The Arising of the new consciousness... — by Eckhart Tolle
  244. The Ruling Elite’s Control System versus Our Awakening: Which One Will Win?
  245. You Have A Right To A Cosmic Consciousness — by Christina Rasmussen
  246. Decoding A Fake Reality — by Rosanne Lindsay
  247. The Chaos of Waking Up — by Nancy Daley
  248. 10 life changing effects of cosmic*awakening. — by awakening5dhealing
  249. Re-Enchanting The World — by Kingsley L. Dennis
  250. Want To Change The World? Do This First. — a video by Kosta Stoyanoff