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  1. Categorizing Sources of Inspiration
  2. The Power of Words
  3. Change For a Dollar
  4. A story of goodness
  5. Even in War the Spirit Shines
  6. Rare Talent
  7. Validation
  8. The Porcelain Unicorn
  9. 37 Donations
  10. 30 Gifts to 30 Strangers
  11. The Juve Aces Present: Bring Me Sunshine
  12. FAQ for Students Regarding the Rapture « Exploring Our Matrix
  13. Landfill Harmonic
  14. Jackie Evancho - To Believe - The Original - HD
  15. Positive compilation of Russian dash cams
  16. Family plants guitar shaped forest in memory of wift/mother
  17. Beautiful Time Lapse Video of Plant Germination and Blossoming
  18. Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience with The Prayer
  19. Christian the lion
  20. The 40-Year-Old Photo That Gives Us A Reason To Smile
  21. The Meaning of Death - Stephen Jenkinson
  22. Six Ways to Stop Worrying and Find Work You Love
  23. Empathy
  24. Three Words of Wisdom
  25. Honesty and Marriage
  26. Video: People Helping Animals compiled by Alexandr Mish
  27. The Innovation of Loneliness
  28. Enough
  29. Overview
  30. Melody Ross - The Woolen Socks Miracle
  31. A Letter From Fred
  32. The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades
  33. Twenty-Four Acts of Kindness
  34. Kitchen of Cheer
  35. An advertisement for giviing
  36. One Easily Overlooked Habit of Happy People
  37. Begin by Brendan Kennelly
  38. Two of Us — Steve McCurry's Blog
  39. Epiphanies of Poetry
  40. A Story for Tomorrow
  41. THE SAGAN SERIES - The Pale Blue Dot
  42. What are the Secrets to a Happy Life?
  43. Got time for a good story?
  44. Charlie Chaplin — Is this the greatest speech ever recorded?
  45. Reaching Underneath Our Protective Shell
  46. Joan Baez — Forever Young
  47. The Art of Losing - An evocative poem by Elizabeth Bishop
  48. Why Do We Shout In Anger - a practical parable
  49. Teenage Football Players Conspire To Do Something Unexpected
  50. Just a great PRAK story (Practice Random Acts of Kindness)
  51. The Gotta Have Sole Foundation
  52. Threshold of the New — Steve McCurry's Blog
  53. In the Garden of Thoughts animated video
  54. Grateful: A Love Song to the World
  55. Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often
  56. Inocente (Trailer)
  57. It Probably Looks Higher From Up There by Seth Godin
  58. Overcoming Jealousy — Kute Blackson
  59. Love Language — A lovely little movie
  60. Mr. Wright's Law of Love
  61. The Tutu Project's Story
  62. Saving a kind barber and his cats
  63. Tuching Strangers — A video
  64. 2 years after her death, woman gives family wonderful Christmas gift
  65. Share My Dabba
  66. Nick Vujicic - The Butterfly Circus
  67. Are You Willing to Feel Everything? — by Dani Shapiro
  68. Breakfast, Lunch & Hugs...
  69. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- I Have A Dream Speech
  70. God Whispers
  71. There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Perfect’ Time. — by Jennifer Pastiloff
  72. Love is… — by James Altucher
  73. Amazing Grace sung on a Russian street car
  74. THE GAP by Ira Glass
  75. Int the Tangle — by Wendy Johnson (about gardening)
  76. Remembering Pete Seeger
  77. Wrts and all — by Summer Nicklasson
  78. Hope in Pakistan - Abdul Sattar Edhi
  79. Empathy vs. Sympathy — a video
  80. One Last Lesson in Faith from Raghuhbai
  81. All Because of George — by Matt Douglas
  82. The Pain & Beauty of Life Changes — By Leo Babauta
  83. My Mother’s last words to*me — by Sohaib Alvi
  84. I Am a Work in Progress, God is Not Done With Me Yet. — by Giselle Fernandez
  85. Two Days Of Infinite Love In South Texas — by Nipun Mehta
  86. What is that? (A moving little viedo)
  87. Elderly Woman Waves at Students Every Day
  88. La Vida Robot — Written By: Joshua Davis • Edited By: Mark Robinson
  89. Emily's Hair — a video
  90. Harlem Elvis
  91. Reflections on Portraiture — Steve McCurry's Blog
  92. Dreams Come True One Step At A Time
  93. How to become the Observer and Liberate Yourself — by Terri Cole
  94. Anything for love ...
  95. Green Smiles — A story of transformation
  96. Happiness Tip: Flip the Script — Dr. Christine Carter
  97. Brenι Brown — The Courage To Be Vulnerable
  98. Saying Goodbye The Sweetest Way!
  99. Grandfather’s Brilliant Final Letter To His Grandkids Offers Life Lessons ...
  100. My Way Back Home - My Sister's Birthhday
  101. Asher Roth - Fast Life
  102. Are You Bored Yet? — by Karen Maezen Miller
  103. How to Get Rid of Your Excuses (or… What are Your Excuses?)
  104. Your Permission Slip From the Universe — by Danielle Laporte
  105. The Radical Homemaker Turns 40 — by Shannon Hayes
  106. Making an Unconventional Choice — by Trent Hamm
  107. Separating Happiness from Material Things — by Trent Hamm
  108. Wil Wheatons responds
  109. A Bed Of Clouds
  110. 7 Things I Know About Actively Letting Go — by Danielle Laporte
  111. A Father's Love & Heroism — by Eleanor Goldberg
  112. A Sign of the Times > "Unsung Hero" — TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014
  113. The Conditioned — An incredibly touching video
  114. How to Stop Distracting Yourself in Order to Start Living a Life That You Truly Love
  115. Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
  116. The Words — by Skylar Liberty Rose*
  117. "How do I get rid of the fear?" — by Seth Godin
  118. The Perfect Blog — by David Romanelli
  119. Underpromise. Overdeliver. — by Trent Hamm
  120. 10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently
  121. Rivers' garbageman named CNN Hero of the Year
  122. 10 Things to Give Up in Exchange for Happiness. — by Tamara Star
  123. How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? — by Carolyn Gregoire
  124. Bittersweet, guitar-shaped forest is visible from space — by Russell Mclendon
  125. Jim Henson: A puppeteer’s advice (illustrated by Zen Pencils)
  126. Dontaing a Hotel Room To A Needy Stranger — by tgrphoto
  127. SLOMO — Karma Tube's video of the week
  128. Slow and Steady in an Instant World — by Trent Hamm
  129. 10 Simple Inspirational Ways of Thinking About Life
  130. 10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently — by*Marc and Angel
  131. Happiness Tip: Take a Stroll — by Dr. Christine Carter
  132. Good Advice — by Seth Godin
  133. How The Blind See Beauty
  134. fueled by love. {poetry} — by Sarah Voldeng
  135. 6 Things Shy People Can Teach Us About Success — by Lindsya Holmes
  136. Before Drawing Conclusions — by Forgive
  137. What Happened to All The Laughter? — by James Altucher
  138. 7 Negative People You Need to Ignore — by Marc and Angel
  139. 11 Lessons in the Breaking + Healing of a Heart — by Annika Martins
  140. Rmembering Maya Angelou — "Still I Rise"
  141. "But I might get rejected" — by Seth Godin
  142. Cuteness alert! Watch this video at your own rist!
  143. The Hidden Joy of Waiting In Line — by Carolyn Gregoire
  144. Intention and the Dashboard Light — by Julian Wash (about anger)
  145. “THIS” Matters! — by David Romanelli
  146. Be Still and Tune in to Your Soul — by Serena Dyer
  147. The Shirt Off My Back (a short award winning video)
  148. Changing our Conditioned Emotional Responses: A Key to Personal Transformation
  149. Transforming Trauma Into Creative Energy — by Ted Comet
  150. Love in Every Step — by Terri Cole
  151. I Talk To Strangers — Robbie Stokes
  152. 7 Keys to A Good Death — by Charles Garfield
  153. Ten Big Life Lessons I’ve Learned — by Christine Gutierrez
  154. Fear vs. Intuition — by Terri Cole
  155. The Dumpster — by Meredith Sabini
  156. Want to Get Unstuck? Maybe It’s Time to Stop Analyzing It — by Danielle Laporte
  157. Is better possible? — by Seth Godin
  158. The Power of 1,000,000 Kisses — by David Romanelli
  159. 7 Crucial Steps to Minimize Drama in Your Life — by Lori Deschene
  160. Read This before You Listen to All the Give up Advice — by Annika Martins
  161. How to Overcome The Fear of What Other People Think — by Sofo
  162. A Surprising Reason it’s So Hard to Forgive — by Tamara Star
  163. Dad Loses Son To Cancer, Starts Charity To Transport Kids To Chemo
  164. How to Change Other People — by Leo Babauta
  165. 25 Things People DON’T Do In A Healthy Relationship — by*Marc and Angel
  166. The Real You Is Waiting. In Here. Not out There. — by Danielle Laporte
  167. With Memories And Online Maps, A Man Finds His 'Way Home'
  168. Are You Tired Of Being Afraid? —by Gayle Brandeis via Jennifer Pastiloff
  169. Turn Toward the Problem — by Leo Babauta
  170. Love Your Sadness. It Won’t Last. — by Danielle LaPorte
  171. Odyssey of Children - Purple Songs Can Fly — from ZapBoomBang Studios
  172. Three German students surprise a homeless guy — a video
  173. Power of Two — a visual blg entry by Steve McCurry's Blog
  174. Restore Your Faith in Humanity in 4-Minutes Flat by Watching This Video
  175. Don’t make a Thing out of it — by David Cain
  176. Art is a Life Raft — by George S. Clinton
  177. Got Boundaries? Got Class? — Danielle Laporte
  178. Becoming Spiritual to Avoid Pain? Hate to Break It to Ya… — by Annika Martins
  179. Every Runner Has A Reason — Ronnie Goodman's video
  180. Life Lessons Robin Williams Taught Me That I'll Always Remember — by Samantha Rullo
  181. Son Buys Mom Her Dream Car (And Surprises Her With It) — Corey Wadden
  182. “A Letter To My Unborn Child” — by Jefferey Jaxen
  183. 41 Years Later Students Return to Surprise Beloved Teacher on Last Day — a video
  184. When You Start to Enjoy Being Alone, These 10 Things Will Happen — by Tony Robinson
  185. Miraculous Coincidences: The Origins And Meaning Of Synchronicity — by Aletheia Luna
  186. Emotional Frequency: Why Are Many Old Souls Empaths? — Mateo Sol
  187. What Would You Do If You Had Nothing to Fear? — by Hayley Hobson
  188. What Does ‘Home’ Even Mean? One Man’s Asking the Homeless — by Michelle Burwell
  189. Beat the “Shiny Object” Syndrome — Jack*Canfield
  190. Is it Time for You to Speak Up? — by Terri Cole
  191. Empowered By Sensitivity: What Type Of Empath Are You? — by Aletheia Luna
  192. Forgive Yourself — by Seth Godin
  193. The Mask of Ego: How Attached are You to Yours? — by Nikki Sapp
  194. 11 Small Things Anyone (Including You!) Can Do to Make the World Better by Teri Karl
  195. Good Night Margaret: A Love Story Against The Odds — a New York Times Documentary
  196. We Are One, the inifinite and limitless — a video by PreventDiseaseTV
  197. From Aging to*Emerging — by Lisa Young
  198. How Your Intuition Reveals Your Brain’s Best Decisions — by Louis R. Valadez
  199. Two Blind Sisters See for the Very First*Time
  200. Stuff Won’t Fill the Hole in Your Life — by Trent Hamm
  201. The Female Creative And What It Means to Love Her — by Skylar Liberty Rose
  202. Paul Smith — Typewriter Artist - a video
  203. The Everyday Struggle — by Christine Gutierrez
  204. Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!
  205. The “I Don’t Know” Conspiracy — by Danielle LaPorte
  206. The Most Astounding Fact — a video edited by Max Schlickenmeyea
  207. Lilica: The Junkyard Stray With A Huge Heart — a video
  208. What’s Wrong with You? — by Christine Hassler
  209. Laughter Shown To Work Better Than Pharmaceuticals And Affects The Body Like Exercise
  210. The Orphan and the Tied Boy: A Very Short Story — by Sasmit Powale
  211. 10 Lies You’ll Hear Once You Decide to Pursue Your Dreams — by Marc and Angel
  212. Wishing vs. doing — by Seth Godin
  213. 12 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain — by Luminita Saviuc
  214. The MapMakers: Evolution of Consciousness — a video
  215. What is an Empath and Are You One? — by Randi*G. Fine
  216. The Perfect Day — by Jon Katz
  217. The Euphoria of Admitting When It Sucks — by Danielle Laporte
  218. 10 Clear Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Care What Others Think — by Teddy Lim
  219. Who Owns the Voice In Your Head? — by Debby Woodbury
  220. 6 Thoughts That Will Make You Instantly Happier — by Mark DeNicola
  221. 5 Tips for a Happy Life from Winnie the Pooh — by*Henrik Edberh
  222. What a rabbit taught me about being an empath — by Trinity
  223. Where Are Your Blind Spots? — by Bethany Butzer, Ph.D.
  224. Taking the plunge — by Seth Godin
  225. Fear of Death Means a Partially-lived Life — by Osho
  226. A World of Hurt That Can be Changed — by Angela Pritchard
  227. Sandwich gang humbled by offers — by Aimie Cronin
  228. Learning to Expand Your Capacity to Love — by Christine Gutierrez
  229. Family: How To Overcome The Shame of Being An “Identified Patient”/Black Sheep
  230. Happiness Tip: Find Something To Love About The Moment You Are In Right Now
  231. Don’t Be Afraid of Being Wrong — by Quentin Vennie
  232. 10 Things You Should Always Remember — by Luminita Saviuc
  233. Some Scientists Are Calling This The Second Brain — The Unbound Spirit
  234. What I’ve Learned from Being a Dog Walker — by Skylar Liverty Rose
  235. Nicholas Kristof: How to Have a Positive Impact, One Person at a Time
  236. The Healing Power of JOY — A film by The UPliftment Programme
  237. Don't Worry Be Happy — from Playing For Chang
  238. Truth: A Genuine Smile Can Heal You, Plus 10 Ways To Do It More Often
  239. Don’t Let Your Past Keep You from Your Future — Luminita Saviuc
  240. Martha Graham on the Hidden Danger of Comparing Yourself to Others — by James Clear
  241. If you are in a shell... — Harry Shum, Jr.
  242. When Acceptance Is The Only Choice — by Randi G. Fine
  243. 6 Things Your Soul Wants You to Know — by Katrina Cavanough
  244. The Ridiculous Pursuit of Being Well-Rounded — by Danielle Laporte
  245. Dreams World — by Tim Eagan
  246. Things The Universe Wants You To Know — by Ralph Smart
  247. The fear of freedom — by Seth Godin
  248. A Common Habit That Costs Us Friends — by David Cain
  249. The Discipline of Loving Ourselves — by Jason Garner
  250. The Fear of Fear: How To Beat It — by Julian Rose