View Full Version : Why Are We In This World — excerpts of a lecture by David R Hawkins

01-18-2021, 05:09 PM
Highlights of the Lectures of 2007 contains segments from all 9 lectures given by Dr. Hawkins in the Spiritual Reality and Modern Man Series. This special video is perfect for long-time students who would like to review some of the essentials truths which he had originally presented. It is also great for new students to receive an introduction to Dr. Hawkins’ work in a shortened, succinct format.

The 9 lectures that the highlights were obtained from are as follows:

God vs. Science: Limits of the Mind; Relativism vs. Reality; What is “Real?”; What is Truth? The Absolute; The Human Dilemma; A Review of the Work – 2007; Creation vs. Evolution; Spiritual Survival: Realization of Reality; Experiential Reality: The Mystic
This fellow is a delightful lecturer. I wish I'd known him.