View Full Version : Getting the Idea of Government and Political Authority Out of Your Mind

02-25-2016, 06:32 PM
"Political authority, or the authority of State, or the authority of Government, is something the average person virtually never questions. Most people go through their entire lives believing that their Government although almost composed of provable criminals, cheats and liars still has a solid basis for its political authority. Most people, whether left wing, right winigor anywhere in between on the political spectrum, are Statists: they think that Government has an inherent right to rule, using coercion if necessary."

This is an important thought. Where did government by coercion originate and why. Why can 'governments' uniformly and constantly go against the most elemental God-given right of free will? Why do you believe this? The answer is simply cultural indoctrination imprints the legitimacy prior to your ability to give informed consent. They then apply the lie of implied consent. The reality is you must make a choice consciously. You see, there is a divine principle that applies hereafter. You are responsible for what you do. 'They made me do it' is no excuse. Fortunately there is a massive mercy program in place for retraining those from fear to Love. WG

Getting the Idea of Government and Political Authority Out of Your Mind by Makia Freeman