View Full Version : The Revolution of Freedom is Taking Place in Your Mind — by Makia Freeman

02-26-2016, 05:58 PM
"The revolution of freedom is happening. It’s well underway. ... It’s fueled by an awakening and a rising of consciousness that is earnestly dissolving old mental structures that no longer serve us. This rising consciousness, which is flowing and expressing itself through many people right now, is determined to stop looking to authority to fix things. It is determined to stop thinking that “respected institutions” like Government can help. It is determined to stop believing in collectivism, and instead honor the glory and uniqueness of every individual, without which the group could not exist. It is determined to stop believing that it can outsource its spirituality and morals to Organized Religion, its security to Government, its health to Big Pharma, its food to Big Agra and Big Biotech, its legal defense to the Law Society and its thinking to Mainstream Media. The revolution of freedom cannot be stopped. It will manifest in our world, but in order to do so, it will require the involved participation of awakened beings."

I subscribe to this perspective. The biggest change our world needs is first a spritual awakening. People will look inward for thier guidance and stand responsible for their actions. Ultimately that results in the discovery of a personal connection to God. Sorry if you don't like the G-word. It has been coopted by fearmongers. As your inward connection gains strength you will wish to initiate the course of action that supports your life rather than reacting to those who would wield external control for their sense of power and personal aggrandisement by controllig you.

The Revolution of Freedom is Taking Place in Your Mind — by Makia Freeman