View Full Version : Stories from Our Past by Suzanne Morrow

Suzanne Morrow
08-04-2018, 07:34 PM
Stories from Our Past

We so often tell our story from a past that’s been forgotten
One that has been fortified by all the parts that were so rotten
Perhaps because the good times were exactly the way they should be
While the parts that were unconscionable, evidently hold the key
To the healing that our souls must do and the lessons we must learn
To re-write our story where the victim becomes able to turn
The pages of their life in which they find the power to forgive
And an attitude of gratitude that creates a new perspective
A loving acceptance of themselves that had been so undermined
The circumstances in their life have finally helped them find
The perfection of the path they walk and the beauty all around
A surrender to each moment and all the peace that they have found

:love: Suzanne