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09-15-2018, 04:57 PM
If nature is the core of ‘natural law,’ then what is it in nature that specifically defines natural law? And that is a (never asked) sixty-four thousand dollar question. The core of natural law seems never to have been identified, thus most folks know nothing of it, neither, it seems, have they any desire to learn of it.

The term natural law was first coined to denote law theories based on nature, hence the common phrase ‘natural law theory.’ No one seems to have questioned whether nature has laws that factually exist, independent of theorising. The idea that laws of gravity and thermodynamics, or the law of cause and effect, might actually offer some lawful relationship to a morally functioning society, seems never to have been considered. Did anyone ask whether natural laws might actually exist to sustain and uphold nature herself, and if so, what benefit or purpose might those laws offer humanity?

Suppose we began all over

Maybe someone did ask. Maybe they learned natural law would kill all hope of a few tyrants being able to rule millions for their own greedy ends and villainous purposes, whereby natural law got the boot and we’ve all been victimised by invented laws for centuries.

Suppose we went back to basics and began all over. Suppose we searched human nature for laws governing our being, and our abilities. What might be learned about ourselves, and the benefits and value such laws might offer? The answer is nothing short of astounding! Enough relevance and value to put every villainous government off the streets and out of their ivory palaces for eternity, deliver a free and peaceable society, and propel humankind’s creative abilities to heights never dreamed possible, all within a spiritual context!
Ken has a fascinating take on the biological basis for natural law and shows that free will is supported by and basic to these systems.

The core of natural law — by Ken Bartle