A Symbol for God

A couple of months ago I was inspired to ponder eternity for a moment (hah!). It was stimulated by the thought that every end is a beginning. That means every beginning is an ending. That sort of circularity is a way I can grasp a little bit of a feeling for eternity.

I liked the train of thought so much I created a Love Is The Answer card entitled Eternity. During my graphic doodling I used an infinity symbol to represent the quality of eternity. I can’t exactly understand infinity either but have a bit of a feel for it. Anyway on the backside of the card I superimposed the infinity symbol across a heart and liked the result. It implies infinite love.

I used a heart shape I had drawn years ago in Illustrator when I couldn’t find one that felt just right to me. I drew the inner path so the result was like a glyph with a hollow middle and then drew my own version of an infinity symbol. After combining the two I tweaked the paths until they looked just right to my eye.

As I did so it occurred to me that this was a perfect symbol for God. Infinite Love! That is one of the Creator’s primary qualities that all beings can feel. It can bypass thought and be immediately embraced by the heart.

I’ve become enamored with the idea of a universal symbol for God. OK that’s a little grandiose. How about a worldwide symbol for Divinity, God, The Creator? Every culture has different words for God and all of them carry various overtones that may not translate adequately into another culture’s conceptual foundations. Those cause needless conflict it seems to me.

The worst confusions between different perspectives on the Divine come because human qualities are superimposed on the Creator. It is suggested we think of a jealous God or a vengeful God or… Man might be made in God’s image but the reverse doesn’t apply.

With those thoughts I should like to offer the use of this symbol for God to be used by anyone without restriction. I know the idea of superimposing an infinite symbol over a heart isn’t original but my drawing is so I can give it away. I actually did it before finding out others had drawn it before me. I’m not surprised. It is fairly obvious when you think about it.

Oh I’ve also used the Infinite Love symbol in two other Love Is The Answer Cards. In It Takes A Universe I was pondering how it takes the Creator a universe to explore His/Her/Its potentials. In Love IS I cut out all the thoughts and got to the heart of the matter.

You can download a folder that contains an eps of the symbol as well as a Photoshop file with the paths in the Path’s palette. Enjoy!’’

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