Imagine A World of Love — by Welles

Imagine a World of Love
Our world is in the process of massive changes. Some perceive it as a shift in consciousness. Others observe a spiritual awakening. I would suggest both are slightly different perspectives of the same phenomena. People are prompted to embrace change for a variety of reasons but most share some experience of cognitive dissonance. That is the discomfort experienced by a seemingly insoluble conflict between that which we know to be true in our hearts and that which we feel we must do to fit in the world around us. The conundrum is Love vs. Fear.

Those fears aren’t ours. Rather they are reactions in which we have been trained. Some of them are the remnants of our human animal natures. Some of them are almost certainly epigenetic, being passed down through the family lineage for generations. Some are generated by personal experience. Perhaps worst of all, we live in a world where control through fear is maintained for the egotistical aggrandizement of a small number of psychopaths and their subordinates (most of whom don’t know the evil they are doing).

It may seem attractive to that part of you that is inoculated in fear to work at stopping ‘the bad.’ However I would suggest the answer to real change is to create goodness. That can become so attractive that our attention is redirected and the old fades due to lack of interest. The old world was built by the coercion of fear and deception. The new will be built on Love and truth. Imagine that! No really, imagine it. Imagination is the first step of any creation. Let the values of Love found in your heart be the filter for your mind.

I’ve imagined elements of a new world for a long time. I don’t expect to see it. Nor do I expect that these are the answers. Those must be made anew in each heart. For any ideas to be valuable to others they must embody such a degree of truth to seem self-evident. Then people will embrace them for their own. The following ideas are my offering to that vision of new world.

I do have one disclaimer. Remember these ideas are all imagined to work when Love is the dominant social motivation. Applying any of them to the world as it is would be both impossible and a tremendous disservice to those alive at this time. We aren’t ready. However I believe a new world is just beyond our event horizon and will be emerging with amazing, almost miraculous speed. That's why it is worth imagining it.
That's the introduction to a collection of thoughts I've had over the years as I imagined how a world might work where Love was the dominant motivation. You can download the whole PDF here...

Imagine a World of Love — by Welles B Goodrich

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