One Church: Many Paths, One Mountain is an independent initiative that was co-founded by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Marc Gafni of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution and The Center for Integral Wisdom.

This letter to you is an invitation to you - the invitation of a lifetime - to join One Church. Just click One Church anywhere in this invitation and you can join immediately. (If you were registered for Evolutionary Church already, there is no need to register again. You just want to visit our new website, see what is new, celebrate with us, and sign up for One Church Membership.)

One Church is a crucial new initiative whose intention is the evolution of religion. We cannot succeed in articulating a new worldview or catalyzing the emergence of the New Human and the New Humanity if we isolate ourselves in our own cultural silos and ignore the crucial significance of religion. Of course One Church is not a new religion. But One Church absolutely does seek to articulate a vision of a newly emergent World Spirituality.
This was the beginning of an email I received. I felt the message was so valuable that even though i won't join up (not being interested in joining any spiritual group) I do realize that they are working to create something new and valuable. I've no doubt the essential direction was inspired.

One Church: Many Paths, One Mountain — from The Center for Integral Wisdom