When was the last time you experienced the magic of synchronicity? Maybe it was when a chance encounter led to a great opportunity or maybe it was when a song on the radio spoke directly to you?

Nonetheless, whether synchronicity sparks a little magic in your day or leads to a life changing opportunity, the odds of meaningful events coinciding, at exactly the right time and place, are often one in a million! In fact, in most cases, we couldn’t make these random events coincide even if we tried!

No matter how you look at it, whenever we experience a series of synchronistic events, the laws of probability are defied in miraculous ways!

Although we can’t force synchronicity to occur any more than we can predict the weather a year in advance, what if we could increase the likelihood of synchronicity in our lives? Well, maybe we can….

So, here’s a little secret about synchronicity….
The Magic of Synchronicity….and the Flow State! — by Nanice Ellis