The only constant in existence is change. When we resist change, we create conflict within ourselves. There is no stopping change from occurring, which is something we should always remember. Otherwise, we are resisting the very dynamics of Reality.

Change can be seen in two ways: as something that happens to us and as something that we initiate. Both are a part of the reality which we experience. We are powerful change agents and catalysts. Massive changes sometimes occur because of millions, or even billions of people making similar small changes within their lives. Regardless of whether macrocosmic forces are at place in those changes, such as cycles of time where there are golden ages and dark ages, a collective consciousness has the power to fundamentally transform its shared reality.

What Is Changing?

The world is changing. We can see it all around us. When I say this, I refer to the thoughts and actions of people today. Consider the follow examples of how the world is changing:

People are more conscious of everything they consume (physically and mentally) and making decisions based on that.

  • A decentralization of everything, such as financial systems, news, music, and energy grids.
  • The surge in use and establishment of renewable energy sources, both on the individual and municipal levels.
  • The significant decrease in being a part of dogmatic and authoritarian religious systems.
  • People overall are making decisions for what to support and use in their lives based on how their actions will affect society and the environment.
The World is Changing…Are You on the Transition Team? — by Paul Lenda