Non-attachment is a term thrown around a lot these days. Simply typing it into Google will prove that quickly enough. But the definitions vary greatly in the quality of their results, and if thereís one exception to the rule proposed in the title of this article, this is it.

When it comes to something as slippery to day-to-day consciousness as the concept of non-attachment, results matter. It is far too easy to get stranded down endless side-roads of pontification, academese or new-age merry-go-rounds when researching the term, thus losing the incredible benefits it has to offer ó when itís properly digested, and then consciously and consistently practiced in the simple manner it should be.

And really, thatís the name of the game here. Simplicity. Integration need not be so hard. All it takes is the setting of clear intentions, daily, and working to keep the doorway of mindfulness open as we go about our regular lives, in order that we provide the space to see exactly how our stream of pre-programmed thinking ó as well as how we interact with others ó manages to continuously negate such an important concept.

This is the starting line, if you will ó the pop of the pistol at the foot of the race, and it is indeed a sport, a toxic ďIf onlyĒ game nearly everyone in first-world culture plays with themselves far too often, both consciously and subconsciously, and to state it in its most basic form, itís based on a host of obsessive thoughts constructed by our strong wish that things could be different:
What Is Non-Attachment? Itís Living Life Without The Need For Specific Results. ó from Wisdom Pills