The world around us is shutting down...closing up shop
An international dilemma and until it stops
We’ll begin to truly see how we’re interconnected
“One world, under God” where no one should be rejected
Should is a heart-felt wish, one that I hold very dear
This virus that is spreading, unites us all in fear
No matter what our beliefs, one thing is very clear
WE all treasure this life, and of our loved ones far and near
And scattered across the globe for it respects no wall
Perhaps it will inspire us to let them all fall
In truth they’re a fabrication, a false protection
Our differences have defined us, they’re our protection
That has led humanity into perpetual war
Isn’t it time for each nation to see we want more?!?
Perhaps this invisible virus can help us see
The vulnerability we each hold can simply be
A uniting factor to know how much we are the same
No matter the authenticity held within our name

A grey blanket lays on the day
Fear and expectations make us pay
A dear price in the choices we make
And all the risks we’re willing to take
Are we irresponsible to meet?
Will disease be spread by those we greet?
For we are sequestered just to stay
In our homes...that’s the price we must pay!