Conscious ignorance is rife, whereby our world today is reacting to ages of insanity, as, rightfully, it should. The reaction is twofold. One faction argues we have politically run amok and must repair. The second argues we have morally run off the rails and must repent. Neither address the root cause, which is blind ignorance of human consciousness. No cure will result until conscious ignorance is retired and value-based reasoning takes its place.

It is high time to learn what consciousness is, and how it works. Academia willingly admits to having no answer. Neither does religion offer anything from its platform of belief. Thus abandoned, we are helpless.

Problem - Intellectual ignorance

Consciousness is most often considered one’s awareness of themselves and the world around them. If only it were that simple. Awareness is but a fraction of our full consciousness. Effectively, we all are ‘mind-controlled’ to believe and accept that nothing beyond a few political, moral, or energetic tweaks are needed to fix the world. Nothing more.

Many scholars accept consciousness as a given and seek to understand its relationship to the material world described by science. What is this given? No answer! Meanwhile most others accept consciousness as pure ‘awareness.’ Thus satisfied, they seek no further understanding, blissfully unaware of how easily they are deprived.
How to defeat conscious ignorance. Pt 1 — by Ken Bartle