New Forum — My Personal Religion

For the last seven years on this forum I’ve been sharing points of view from other people that seemed to me to lead in the direction of building a world of Love. I’ve shared realizations and discoveries from people who were sharing their own moments of enlightenment. Emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth were all important because everyone is on a different path. Anything in the realm of Beauty, Truth and Goodness were valuable discoveries to be shared.

In that time, I’ve learned to appreciate many different points of view. It seems to me that the ‘spiritual awakening’ or ‘change of consciousness’ we are undergoing is a change of perspective. Rather than reacting to external authority we are looking within for answers and directions. We are changing from dependents upon ancient control systems of authority and punishment to becoming creators of our worlds. Values of Divine Love are being chosen consciously to be the foundation of individual actions. Collectively those will create a new reality.

It is my belief that we who embark upon this path ultimately leads us to discover a relationship with God. That journey is A Personal Religion. In this new forum I’ll be sharing my own Personal Religion. It isn’t what you might think. I definitely have my own theology that is in a constant state of illumination flux but that isn't my religion. My religion is simple. Love is the nature of God. By consciously adding Love into our actions we approach the Divine. Personal action is what counts.

Welles B. Goodrich