The heart is the well spring of life and the gateway to spiritual freedom. When this emotional centre is balanced, we can realign our lower centres, including the intellectual, sexual and motor centres, while permitting access to our higher centres. This allows us to express our divine selves through our own unique personality and talents. This article takes inspiration from the esoteric work of Mouravieff, who examines the inner process of awakening in great detail. I have chosen to expand on Mouravieff’s emotional process in the attempt to address the needs of our present times.

Healing and Purification: Two Keys to a Balanced Heart

In order for the heart to fulfill its grand role it needs to be balanced. This balance is possible when one is free of unhealed pain and is also spiritually purified. The danger of an unbalanced heart is that it can deceive us. It is also common for emotional distortions to create spiritual distortions. Many spiritual seekers are essentially trying to run before they can walk, spiritually speaking – imagining they can authentically follow the spiritual path while their emotional development has been neglected. Such folk may not consciously know that their hearts are not yet sufficiently balanced but this unconsciousness is the nature of an unbalanced heart. In an ideal world, spiritual paths would be holistic, developing both the heart and the spirit, but this is not always the case today. It’s not that the paths on offer do not claim to develop the whole person but the question is whether they can achieve that goal based on their doctrine.
A Balanced Heart: The Key to the Divine Self — by Mr Deep