Unquestionably, the media has focused much of its coverage on all the negative facets of the multiple crises that we are facing. However, the events of 2020 have provided an amazing opportunity for spiritual seekers and social activists, alike, to put forward a new vision for humanity. Crisis situations, like the type that have confronted us, tend to be the best of times to enact lasting change for humanity because the darkness of suffering has a way of pushing us into the light of new beginnings.

The kind of vision that we might together imagine is of a brother and sisterhood of compassionate beings who work individually and collectively for the spiritual uplift of all humanity. This vision would be rooted in the Golden Rule which states: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

In this vision, there would be no room for aggressors of our conscious exercise of free will, and plunderers of the Earth would feel shame among their friends, peers, and family. Such a vision would honor all forms of worship and ways of connecting to the Divine. Each individual’s religion would be seen in the same light as multiple paths that lead to the same mountain top of infinite bliss and wonder.

In this vision, there would be no need to discuss the abstraction of “individual rights”, because there would be no need to define what we were already free to say and do. Further, there would be no repressive force like our modern governments, in the first place, to secure such “rights” against. Rather than identify ourselves by our occupations and as consumers, we would dissolve all our identities and come to know our Buddha nature: as empowered strands of loving awareness.
The World We All Know is Possible: A New Vision for Humanity — by Forrest Rivers