There’s a new forum… Creating a World of Love — Imagine It

Over forty years ago I began trying to imagine how a world of Love might function. It seemed evident that families needed to be the basis of any durable civilization. It also seemed necessary that each individual should be allowed to explore their creative potentials. And yet ultimately society is a collective endeavor. How could those seemingly opposites coexist harmoniously? The answer seemed most likely found in service to others being one of the principles of a dynamic society. Beyond that when we invest Love into our actions they automatically are the best for ourselves and others.

As I sought to imagine how a world like that might be structured, I kept getting little bursts of illumination about possibilities for different aspects, money, governmental organization etc. I’ve collected those thoughts in a short series of essays and present them in the new forum as well as offer a PDF download for your consideration.

I don’t consider these to be ‘the answers.’ When I began to imagine a new world, it seemed an impossible dream. Almost everyone around me was dependent upon what was the already existent context of their lives and couldn’t envision any radical departure from the norm. Things had to change in my estimation. Well things are changing rapidly and imagining a new world is no longer just an exercise. It is an important antidote for the ‘New World Order’ that some people have been dreaming up for a long time to enslave humanity.

If we wish to do the opposite, free humanity, start dreaming. The exact specifics will become apparent when enough people embrace that dream. I propose that time is much closer than you might think, especially if you follow ‘the news’. Do your part. By investing your mind in creating a new world you are adding that vision into the field of mind that all of us can access. That means the concept is more readily available to all.

Imagine a new world. Here is my part of that effort.