Let's face it, many of us have very conflicted feelings about home. For some of us, the homes of our childhood were places of discord or trauma. And the homes we have made for ourselves? We dwell in them longing for our true homes.

Is it possible to feel longing for a home we have never known? This is the paradoxical feeling that leads us to meditate and to all spiritual search. Turning our attention towards ourselves, letting ourselves completely relax, we begin to feel free from the endless pressure to act outward. And we can feel as if we are going somewhere--not so much going as sinking and opening--in the direction of our true nature. Letting go, we can realize we have been caught up in a battle we don't really believe in, armored by attitudes that aren't really you. Letting go, we let this feeling of question guide us.
Odysseus and You — by Tracy Cochran