In theory, a daily spiritual practice of some kind sounds great. In theory, itís a blessing in your busy day. Some time out just for you, to focus on your own spiritual growth, and to deepen your personal connection with your own divinity. Blissful.

In theory.

In practice, in a busy life where itís already a struggle to fit in competing demands on your time, a spiritual practice is often one of the first things to bite the dust. You canít put off collecting the kids from school or meeting that work deadline, and youíd rather not put off date night with your partner either. But the spiritual practice? That can wait, right?

Yes, it could. And itís not likely to ever be one of the most urgent demands on your time Ė but finding the time to fit in a daily spiritual practice brings so many rewards and benefits that you might change your mind about what to ditch and what to prioritise.

What is a Daily Spiritual Practice?
Finding Time for a Daily Spiritual Practice: How and Why to Devote Your Time ó by Nikki Harper