Thought Forms Building Rules

"The necessity for clear thinking and the elimination of idle, destructive and negative thoughts, becomes increasingly apparent as the aspirant progresses on his way. As the power of the mind increases, and as the human being differentiates his thoughts increasingly from mass thought, he inevitably builds thought substance into form. It is at first automatic and unconscious. He cannot help so doing, and fortunately, for the race, the forms constructed are so feeble that they are largely innocuous, or so in line with mass thought that they are negligible in their effect. But as man evolves, his power and his capacity to harm or to also help increases.Unless he learns to build rightly, and correctly to motivate that which he has built, he will become a destructive agency and a center of harmful force -- destroying and harming not only himself, as we shall see shortly, but equally hurting and harming those who vibrate to his note. Granted all this, you might appositely inquire: Are there some simple rules which the earnest and sincere beginner could apply to this science of building, and which are so clear and concise that they will produce the needed effect? There are, and I will state them simply so that the beginner will if he follows them, escape the dangers of black magic, and learn to build in line with the Plan. He will, if he follows the rules I give, avoid the intricate problem which he has himself blindly constructed, and which will indeed shut out the light of day, darken his world, and imprison him in a wall of forms which will embody for him his peculiar great illusion.
Mechanics of Thought Forms — by Humanity Healing