First of all, if my rights disempower you, then my priorities should be scrutinized. Fearful acts or hurtful responses are one and the same, disempowering. Blame, disgust or finger pointing are but the antics of the weak, the disempowered. Recognize the value of each other regardless of opinions, color or creed and then we will get to a destination that is brighter. A location that feels good, like a comfortable home.

I share with you my process for becoming, not just knowing. Understanding that the intellect serves us in some respects, but wisdom serves all. Becoming what? More peaceful, more loving, more kind and steady. Becoming empowered!

Below I describe some ways I practice to live presently. The more you consciously practice, the sooner you experience a state of contentment and peace.

Release judgments. I haven’t arrived at this completely, but I do practice release mindfully. My practice includes recognizing it and then quickly letting it go. In this practice I write about and read works that support this concept.

A gentle answer turns away wrath. I still have a ways to go on this one. It’s not like I shout at people or family. It is more like this: one of my life strategies has been defensiveness. I don’t like it. I ask myself why? To answer is to go back in time and understand my personality. Many times I take the path least traveled. In doing this, I also make mistakes. The mistakes don’t bother me so much, I look at them as avenues. What does bother me is someone’s judgement upon me because of my choices. Sometimes it’s easy to let go and sometimes I feel the need to justify my actions. Thus defensiveness becomes a pattern. And as I said, I don’t like it. My responses can be sharp and thus my mantra for this year, a gentle answer turns away wrath is something I know but still need to practice. So, I will take a deep breath, release and remain quiet or be very gentle.
My Process for Becoming Peaceful and Empowered — by Julia Parsell