I like to set routines, yet I am more of a spontaneous person. So even as I set routines, I know that I have allowance to break them. Does that make sense? For me to know the things I do daily things each day, make my bed , etc., there are some things that I believe to be important, but can be sidelined as necessary. Writing is one of those things. I love to move my pen in my journal and see where it takes me. Sometimes it is interesting and sometimes its routine.

One practice that serves me well and that I learned as a young person is to copy statements, paragraphs, even short books into my journal. Why? So I may glean the wisdom contained in the words, somehow as I write them, the energy expands into my being and comes more alive and the richness grows within me as a bright light.

This year I am revisiting the Tao. It was life changing for me many years ago when I first journeyed (journaled) my way through it. At that time, I chose Wayne Dyer’s translation and commentary, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. My life at the time was undergoing a major transformation as I had left a very long marriage by choice. Many people judged me as crazy or menopausal, but I knew what I was doing was right for me and I walked step by step through a very tumultuous time. I told my children that I was digging deep to rediscover and build myself anew. I have not regretted the decision, although the now wiser self would have tweaked a few things.
What is a Wisdom Practice? — by Julia Parsell