“Can we dare to think people are kind, and shape organisations around this view?”
That’s the question Rutger Bregman examines in his latest book Humankind, and it’s one that anyone involved in youth and community work like me wrestles with on a daily basis. But is Bregman’s optimistic analysis grounded in reality?

For anyone who’s read this piece on the “Real Lord of the Flies,” the gist of the first half of Bregman’s book will be familiar. His premise is that despite news reports, social media, politics, religions and ideologies that suggest otherwise, “(for the) most part, people, deep down, are pretty decent.” Furthermore, he says:

“If we had the courage to take this more seriously, it’s an idea that might just start a revolution...once you grasp what it really means…you’ll never look at the world the same again.”
Humankind — by Rutger Bregman