Channeling is a funny subject. I don't do it personally although I do obtain inspiration that motivates and enhances most of my actions — the good ones.

As a result I've always been fairly skeptical about people who claim to be Channelers and am absolutely skeptical about prophecies. So far I haven't seen one specific prophecy of cosmic proportion come true. So there is the root of my skepticism.

That being said I thoroughly endorse the small group of people calling themselves the 11:11 Progress Group for one simple reason. I've read and continue to read every one of the messages posted and never fail to be inspired or uplifted by them. For anyone looking at them for the first time I think it helps if you are familiar with the cosmology described in The Urantia Book. Although that isn't necessary it definitely enhances the breadth of meaning to have that context.

So anyway I'm not totally closed to the idea of recieving messages from sourses of relatively greater universal wisdom. I think of them as sources closer to the Divine. However discrimination when reading such messages is a must. This essay articulates that need very well.

Some Thoughts on Channeling — Humanity Healing Network