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Thread: My Favorite 11:11 Progress Group Messages

  1. #341 Share Your Ideas.

    “You are all in certain way influenced by the idea of doing ‘great’ things for humanity. What you consider great is what you have been conditioned to believe it is important. When somebody manages to make an idea a reality that person should not forget the debt owed to those behind her. You still do not understand completely how the mind works in your world and how much of your mind is a shared resource. Many of your ideas are not totally your personal creations, but a collective expression. Those ‘great’ men and women who manage to implement the projects that move civilization forward are inspired by many anonymous contributions that are equally important.

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  2. #342 From Human to Super-human

    Definition of consciousness: Simply put, it is ‘sentience’ or awareness of internal or external existence.”

    Thought Adjuster: “Human beings operate at seven levels of consciousness — broken down into three categories: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. No wonder that they require subtle attunements.

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  3. #343 The Network of Activated Souls.

    I AM: “Dear One, there are many more ‘activated souls’ in the world than those who already believe they have come here to participate in the transformation of human consciousness on Urantia. Many are unaware that they are a part of a network of human vessels whose Thought Adjusters (TAs) have planned, long before their birth, to participate in the Father’s Great Plan to bring Urantia into the fold of enlightened planets. Not only is the prep work being done by the God Fragments in the minds of men and women, but also by the planetary management via the Correcting Time and with Urantia (Gaia) Herself who is undergoing a steady metamorphosis to anchor and facilitate the energies needed for this elevation of human consciousness.

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  4. #344 Pray and Listen

    Thought Adjuster: “The connection with the Father is strengthened with consistency and constant practice. The traditional prayers of memorized formulas do not help to bring individuals closer to the Father. The faith invested in prayer is the only thing that can make a difference. It is through faith that the eyes of your spirit adapt to see the truth and the ears of your spirit are tuned to listen to the melodies from up high.

    “Prayer Works better when it is spontaneous and personal. It is more effective when inspired by gratitude and the desire to be better. And when praying for the will of the Father to be done – which is the best possible outcome for you and all creation – the answers are provided immediately.

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  5. #345 Mortal Death – A Door to Eternity

    The greatest deciding moment in this life is when you discover the God of your being, waiting within you and from that moment on, you lose all fear of death, because you know that life is eternal, and that mortal death serves as a door to eternity.

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  6. #346 Healing a Tormented Heart

    “We ask that you overlook the divisions that separate you from others and extend your hand to those who are suffering with the healing salve of forgiveness, empathy and compromise. Access what knowledge you can to inform your decisions but also consider the needs of others when looking for solutions. And by doing so, you will not only contribute to their healing but will augment the healing of your own wounded heart as well.

    “Seek to do what you feel is best for the good of all humanity and you will more likely find a solution that is appropriate and workable for your times. It is with great respect and compassion for your challenges that I extend my love and mercy to you.”

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