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Thread: My Favorite 11:11 Progress Group Messages

  1. #271 How Does Faith Progress?

    Prolotheos: “Evolutionary religions are prone to create superstitions, myths, legends and fables. Although they are evolutionary creations, they are capable of expressing an ill-informed, but authentic spiritual faith. The facts may be wrong and useless, but the spiritual experiences they convey are of universal value because by faith, they make the transcendental leap from the circumscribed material sense to the spiritual dimension. True, this embryonic faith springs from evolution, however, because it is also transcendental, this evolution becomes a spiritual evolution, that starts in the beings’ native world and continues progressing to and through the morontia worlds on High. How does this faith progress from myths, legends, and fables to the robust faith of those who acknowledge themselves as children of the Universal Father and members of the human brotherhood?

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  2. #272 Questions to Consider.

    Consider now, what things will you take with you when you leave this world? Certainly, no amount of wealth, social prestige or material goods will you be able to carry with you to the mansion worlds. However, the lessons you learned in this life, the loving relationships you established with your peers and the understandings regarding the divine plan, will be the currency that will support you in the enterprises of the hereafter.

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  3. #273 What Can You Do?

    Thought Adjuster: “A spiritual awakening without precedent in the history of this world is occurring. Human beings on different parts of this planet are being inspired by Spirit and they are experimenting with new forms to serve their peers and new original methods of cooperation and advancement. There is an air of adventure, where the goal is to simply find out how far we can reach or how much progress can be achieved. This is a sign of the arrival of a new era on Urantia.

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  4. #274 Basic human flaws.

    Prolotheos: “Human beings are not — as some religionists proclaim — born in sin and therefore inherently sinners. On the other hand, human beings are not perfect — you are imperfect — therefore, you are susceptible to project evil and commit sin but, exclusively by choice, not by inheritance. There is no original sin. Since human beings are indeed imperfect, they live lives that are also imperfect which show flaws in variable degrees according to specific choices and unique experiences of each individual. Those flaws may constitute weakness, sin, wickedness and evil. They are, in fact, very common in lives that are not yet under the control of the Spirit Within, and fail to show the fruits of the spirit. Let’s today examine these basic flaws and how to overcome them in life’s experiences.

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  5. #275 About Love-Ability.

    “Are you in for the eternal and thrilling pursuit of Godlikeness? It has everything to do with the development of your ability to love. From the above statement, you can figure out at which stage you are in the maturation of your heart.

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  6. #276 “About Blind Faith.”

    Thought Adjuster: “On the material worlds it is necessary to establish rules to maintain discipline — especially on those worlds not yet established in light and life. However, in eternity there are no laws, in the sense that there are no attempts to impose any limits upon the free will of creatures. At the levels of partial perfection you will always find limitations and recommendations, but as you advance on your eternal career you will see how the rules start to disappear.

    “Once you have reached finality, love will be the only rule by which you will determine your decisions and actions.

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  7. #277 Always Seek Harmony and Enlightenment

    The Beloved One: “Dear one, your supplications to the All that Is are always heard, but do you really take the time to listen for an answer? In doing so, you sharpen your own listening skills, and these can always stand improvement, not just towards Me, but also towards all others you are engaged in conversation with.

    “True listening skills are extremely rare. Humans usually already formulate an answer in their minds while listening to the other speak, so that they lose more than half of what is really being said, which is the intent expressed between the words, for therein lies the true conversational meaning.

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  8. #278 Be the Beacons.

    Thought Adjuster: “Those who have begun to feel the living desire to lovingly serve their peers will see how the opportunities to do so arise spontaneously. Once you start walking the path that has been suggested to you — the one inspired by the Divine Presence — your successes will start to multiply and the invisible hand of providence will increasingly become more evident.

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  9. #279 Wrongdoing and Absolution

    The Scribe: “This is your Friend, The Scribe of Damascus, speaking with you on this occasion with the agreement of, the assistance and the love of your very own Thought Adjuster. The subjects of our talk, our discussion, are wrongdoing and absolution which are pretty words for sins or misconduct and forgiveness. And yes, we were aware, as you say, that you knew that already.

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  10. #280 About Following Your Heart

    “However, in this world the new era of freedom has already been inaugurated. No longer will the children of God be deceived for the benefit of an elite that only pursue their own selfish agendas. All of you carry inside the Divine Light and have direct access to the Creator of this Universe Himself to receive the help that will allow you to see the path with most love in all situations. It is the responsibility of every human being to choose to search for the truth that already lies within, or to let others impose their ideas upon his or her personal destiny.

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