You love them. You hate them. Your heart burns and your gut churns in their proximity.

Welcome to the world of karmic relationships.

One second you’re laughing, the next, you’re screaming at each other.

One minute you embrace, the next, you swear you could kill them.

And yet, despite the ups and downs, you always seem to get pulled back into the sticky honey-like spider web of your relationship with them.

We all experience at least one karmic relationship in life – it’s part of our spiritual calling.

But the question is, how do we know if a certain relationship is karmic? What’s the purpose of karmic relationships? And is it healthy to stay in one or not?

Table of contents

  • What is a Karmic Relationship?
  • Twin Flame + Soul Mate Relationships = Karmic Relationships?
  • Spiritual Awakening and Karmic Relationships
  • 19 Signs + STAGES You’re in a Karmic Relationship
  • Should You Stay?
  • How to Let Go of a Karmic Relationship

What is a Karmic Relationship? 19 Signs & Stages — by Aletheia Luna