Just Who We Are

The lives that people live, the adventures, misfortunes and fate
The stories they have traveled thru, the tales they have to relate
Cause me to reflect on in this mundane life that I have come from
Far from the cultural richness that can leave me feeling dumb
For the interests we pursue often have their roots in the past
While the confidence that we’ve gained becomes the strength that will last
For a lifetime, although it can take a long time to gain
As we open to possibilities that still may remain
In our future, which is certainly shrinking with passing years
And will we be willing to take them and reach beyond the fear
Of our inexperience, or lack of our own self esteem
For when comparing oneself to others, we may not deem
Ourselves with the self-respect that others have come to perceive
Isn’t it time to accept ourselves and open to receive
The love and respect of others who can see just who we are
Embracing the life we are living, for we each have traveled far
From our beginnings, gaining the strength to live out our lives
With all the joys and sorrows before the certain end arrives